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June 12, 2010

5:20PM Motion to adjourn. <gasp> Final roll call.

There may be something to not having laptops during meetings…only 3 people had them this time, and we see how quickly we got through the agenda 😉

That being said, Council is adjourned. Please carry on in your WORLD CUP VIEWING!!! Oh and uh hope you enjoyed the summa-liveblog 🙂 Cheers!

5:12PM Stevenson amended adding CapTimes and Isthmus to the list of contacted media. APPROVED. Great idea….we already have them on our updated contacts list. Thanks!!!

Small changes made to SACGB officials.

Approval of job descriptions for 17th session. APPROVED.

5:10PM Most changes are to hours and/or pay rates that were brought up, amended and these are the current updates.

Chief of Staff-to work with VC and Chair specifically. I can think of a word for that….;)

Discussion over selection process. Particularly in relation to Noms Board and their role. Nothing really substantial to report.

Move into debate.

5:05PM On to discussion of attendance. There are 6 rules. Nothing really new or exciting. Called to question.

Standing Rules are thus approved.

On to discussion of ‘Job Descriptions’. There are a packet of them…include Chief of Staff, committee Chairs, VC, Press Office, Shared Gov positions etc.

Motion to take it up today. APPROVED.

5:03PM Laptop policy abolished.

Williams says then please, if LiveBlogging, disable comments. Try to not be distracted, checking Facebook so often.

Also, Standing Rules can be approved and/or amended by 2/3s vote.

Further discussion of the laptop policy will continue over the summer and fall. Thoughts???

4:50PM Discussion of laptop policy.

Manes argues that nights before finals, where there are 6 hour meetings, members should be allowed to have computers with them.

Williams says no. Members should be paying attention, not here working on homework. If there is a test or final, then the member can stay home.

Manes asks if Williams would be concerned about lack of quorum…

Williams says they will attempt to schedule around finals to accommodate the majority.

Vandenlangenburg says he uses his computer to take notes. He doesn’t have Facebook, and wouldnt bother to check it if he did. Would really appreciate the use of computers.

Williams says it is even a policy among other councils at other schools.Computers not being used for legit business are just a distraction.

V does an iPad count??? (General laughter)

Beemsterboer would williams be amendable to using it during Internal Budget meetings? Many things that need to be looked up during those instances.

Williams I would be amendable to that.

Johnson I wrote this and left it vague, because I’m hoping people will amend this. My reasoning is that last year it was a problem and even made meetings go longer. Those not paying attention would argue the same arguments etc. I see the purpose and value of LiveBlogging, research etc. When it becomes a distraction and not a tool, then its not acceptable. Maybe saying:: Laptop for ‘these’ reasons only…

Madsen I usually have my computer open during Council. I disagree that being here but working on other things is a bad thing. Being here is being here. Seems silly to ban it. I multitask.

Manes I move to strike the motion. Thats treating us like children. Yeah, some people will be on Facebook, but the utility of having a computer to take notes, look up things is more valuable then not having them available to use. Even without it, people will find their own ways to be distracted. I dont think this should be on the rules.

Plamann I strongly support amending this. I’ll flat out tell you Ill be on Facebook and doing hw. Im too busy to choose between doing school and sitting on Council. If it doesn’t pertain to me, I work on other things.

Beemsterboer something else brought up, the whole LiveBlogging bit, I feel we have a Press Office who’s job it is to do that…you’re not doing your job effectively if you’re blogging the whole time. Should be paying attention

<missed name> this forum is like a classroom. Talking about professionalism. I notice people typing really loudly, not paying attention. This policy is crucial to keep things moving. We know we have to be here Wednesdays in Fall. That should be a priority. So you should try to accomplish hw beforehand. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Maybe have a laptop in one corner that people can go to, to reference things.

Manes reality is, people are going to be bored here. To punish people for something that is going to happen regardless I think is silly.

4:43PM Beth Huang has proposed a ‘Student Affordability Campaign’. Involves lobbying state and reinvestment in higher education. Discussion on Actions, and ‘Steps to be complete by Semester’. For more info, check the website and contact the ASM office. The proposal is very well researched! Looks great! Nice work Huang. Very thorough….lets get to work!

General discussion. Campaign approved and will be enacted upon for the semester.

On to Approval of Standing Rules.

4:30PM Approval of Appointments for:

SACGB-12 applicants for 8 positions. APPROVED

GSSF Accountability Liaison-Manes speaks to being able to appoint an interim position until someone can be appointed by Noms Board in July. This person would be a go-between with the committee and GSSF groups to further relations.

$2,200 for this position; potentially a full-year. 10hrs/week at $9.70/hr. For approx 26 weeks…APPROVED

-SG Director-4 appointees: Stevenson, Helgeson, Kiddoo (sweeet last name!!!) and Hanley.

APPROVED. Congrats!

Press Office-1 new Director, 2 new Assistants–>Rory Linnane, Elise Yafet: 2 very qualified ladies. Keep an eye out for ’em in the office. They have a lot of work ahead of them this year, but I’m sure they’ll do wonders in their positions.

And, oh hey look!!! I’ve “officially” been appointed Director. That’s just great 🙂 Feel free to drop off any congratulatory gifts in the office. They will be warmly accepted.

4:26PM SSFC report first meeting today (during the World Cup game!!! <gasp>) Discussed eligibility, GSSF groups…etc. Manes working on legislation and things he wants to work on to improve the relationship with GSSF groups. Other ideas he’s working out over the summer.

4:20PM Report of VC Suave Johnson also talks about their meeting with the Chancellor. Plans for future meetings. Create comprehensive plan to have unified overlap. Working together-no more cuts to UW system, public education, creating unified front, etc.

UC Convention at UW Parkside was held last weekend. Selected new leadership, talked about state budget, how the students can/need to work together to enact change.

Johnson has meetings set up with several MN senators and presidents of….something…to discuss lobbying efforts, policies etc. He will work on this when he goes home this week. Interested to talk to state senators about funding, crime rates, stats, ways they handle things—to bring back and discuss here.

Williams had discussion with President of Milwaukee. Potentially join forces on state budget issue.

4:16PM Noms Board appointed people for Press Office ( 🙂 ) SACGB, etc.

Shared Gov worked on what they want to do, where they want to go-filled positions for ad hoc committees etc.

SACGB-Ziebell-slow time at the SAC, gearing up for office transition. Computer lab almost all in. Be up and running in the next few months. Working on what to do for the SAC floor manager position…working with Union.

Report of Chair Williams discussing a review of the ASM Foundation. Talking with students here, those from other campuses, etc. Hiring of staff not through seg fees. Project seems unsustainable…figuring out options. Using money to potentially start a scholarship fund? Hmmm…interesting.

Met with Chancellor Martin. Talked about Tenant Services. Talked about work from SSFC. Hearing back on other issues. Also discussed Campus Safety. Talked with UW Police Chief about how their policies are implemented etc. Something we can work together and collaborate on.

4:12PM No approval of minutes….none attached. Moving on to Reports of Committees and Boards….

All chairs had to submit reports to Chair Williams (if they didn’t he has threatened to take away part of their stipend)

Williams reads Chair Fergus’s report on his goals for Academic Affairs…several pages long. Very ambitious. If interested, talk to Carl.

Chair Uraga submitted a very detailed report as well. One such item being a Diversity Shadow Day for the Dream Act…again, for more specifics please contact him. (All reports will be available on the website).

Beemsterboer states he will not be holding meetings over the summer. The first finance committee meeting will be held in August. He will be preparing and working with staff on a formal training for his committee once it starts. Most of his committee members are not in state.

Williams reads Leg Affairs report. On Monday is the City Board meeting. ALRC has a subcommittee that is reviewing the Alcohol Density Plan-impending Sunset laws that will come into play in Fall. Either at 4PM or 5:30PM…

Johnson is looking forward to having someone at the meeting to answer questions. Especially explaining how the licensing etc works. Many levels of this that affect students. Impressed that the ALRC committee reached out to ASM to bring them into the meeting.

Williams will be attending the city meeting. Contact him if you would like to go as well.

4:10PM Open Forum

Williams apologizes for the agenda. Some things weren’t printed out for everyone’s perusal. Oops! He will email out anything else he has after the meeting so everyone has a chance to read it.

On to Adoption of the Agenda. Approved. Lovely.

4:08PM Council called to order.

Adam Johnson, Madsen, Williams, Beemsterboer, Manes, Huang, Ziebell, Stevenson, Vandenlangenburg, Plaumann, and someone else who’s name I missed…are all here.(Spelling will be corrected at a later point..)

Hey all! Today, this grey overcast Saturday, the 12th of June…there is a Student Council meeting!!!! Now, don’t all cheer at once. I know you were suffering withdrawal symptoms…

First order of business:

-USA v England resulted in a tie!!! Great game, hope you all watched.

-Argentina won by one. Shocking, I know.

-Minor notes:

Chair Williams has stipulated computers not be used by members during meetings. They should come prepared, pay attention and take care of business. Interesting concept. I like it. Means they can’t comment on the liveblog till the end 😉

And now <drumroll please>due to actually have quorum….we shall start our Student Council Liveblog cast. Stand-by.

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  1. June 12, 2010 4:06 pm

    Has someone raised the point of being able to follow the live-blog being handy during long debates in terms of referencing information or using the Internet to find info/emails that are valuable to discussion?

    Also, where is the St Affordability Campaign proposal on the website?

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      June 12, 2010 4:10 pm

      1.) Not really. Discussion to continue at a later date in time.
      2.) Not posted yet.

  2. June 12, 2010 4:26 pm

    In all likelihood, the lack of laptops did not contribute so much to the expediency through which the agenda was conducted as it was the limited number of agenda items and lower quorum requirements 🙂

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