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New Chief of Staff appointed…!!!

July 2, 2010

Paging Leo McGarry…..

…for those of you unfamiliar with this West Wing reference, for shame! (Head to the nearest computer, get to , and pick up the 7-season kit!)

But for the rest of us addicts, ASM Leadership, Teddy-Bear Williams, in his latest stroke of genius and first act of the 2010-11 fiscal year has appointed a Chief of Staff position.

To see the PRESS RELEASE sent out to the media on the appointment, click the purple, underlined, highlighted words above.

The new Chief of Staff: Tom Templeton.

Tom has served on ASM as Vice Chair for the 16th Session (fun fact: we are currently on the 17th session) and was a Student Council representative for the 15th session.

Tom commented on his blog:

“I am excited to serve and look forward to a successful term in ASM. The chairs of the committees are all great leaders and I do not believe ASM has ever had a better, more cohesive team as dedicated and experienced as our current leadership…A team I am proud to call myself the newest member of.”

Read more of Tom’s blog.

We here at the ASM office (not many during summer hours…but in the spirit of ASM) applaud and congratulate Chair Williams choice for Chief of Staff.

Best of luck Tom Templeton. We appreciate all your hard work and look forward to draining…er…utilizing your talents, charm, social network and vast experience in this capacity.


Coming soon: The newest batch of ASM members receive their nicknames 😉


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