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ASM Goes International

September 4, 2010

Chair Brandon Williams met with the French University Presidents on Thursday and gave a presentation on the Associated Students of Madison Student Government.

Sounds interesting, right?

A room filled with the Presidents from top French universities, asking our student leader about the intricacies involved with enacting policy, allocating money for the budgets and how students work together with administration, the chancellor, city officials and more to provide for the services of all students.

It was great!

The French Presidents were vastly impressed with the budget that ASM works with during the year: allocating to student organizations, making recommendations to Chancellor Biddy Martin for the MIU proposals and determining where other funds go towards which services. (THINK: bus pass, need-based scholarships, recommendations to the Board of Regents etc.)

The French Presidents asked a lot of great questions as well. (With pretty awesome French accents, I must say!)

They discussed how ASM negotiated the bus pass for all students. They wanted to know how well the student government was able to work together with leaders of our great university. They asked about the structure of ASM and the various committees…maybe they were a little confused at all the different ways and means students could be involved, but they were more than a little impressed and pleased with the results.

Chair Williams also explained how students are able to campaign to be on Student Council and other parts of ASM to represent their fellow students.

(The French Presidents were surprised to find Chair Williams has held so many positions in ASM (Chair of SSFC, L&S Representative, Student Council member) and with his political science and economics background.)

They questioned whether or not members of ASM were all political science/economically inclined. (I tried not to laugh) but this is not so!

Members of ASM range from business majors, English, journalism and marketing majors, undergraduates and graduate students and, well yes, the random political science major. But there are plenty of opportunities for anyone interested, as Chair Williams explained.
All-in-all, it was a GREAT SUCCESS! The French University Presidents learned much about all the hard work ASM does on campus and wished everyone well in the upcoming year.

Thank you to the visiting Presidents for their interest, questions and well-wishing. Hopefully they will come back to visit soon!

To see pictures of the presentation, go to and check out the Associated Students of Madison profile!

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