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Biddy in the House!!!

September 8, 2010

9:01PM And that concludes the FIRST STUDENT COUNCIL  Mtg of the Fall Semester for the 17th Session.

Thank you all for checking in. Looks like we have a great year ahead, with the words of encouragement from the Chancellor and Dean Berquam as well as the Strategic Plan being presented as a guiding light in accomplishing our goals this semester.

All documents and links will be posted later tonight. I need sustenance first!

Tune back in next WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH for the ASM KICKOFF and the 2nd Student Council Meeting.

Have a lovely night and rest of the school week!

Our Campus. Our Commitment.

8:49PM Alright, lets get you back up to speed. More discussion. Moved into debate. Everyone agrees that having knowledgeable justices is very beneficial.

Then we had a 10 minute recess.

And now, we are back! Continuing debate and discussion on the proposed Student Judiciary Legislation.

Fergus: I agree. I approve. I think we should vote on this. Call to question.

It has been seconded. All those is favor….

None in opposition. We will see this legislation back here next week.

Now onto ‘Student Council Makeup Constitutional Amendment’.

Williams: We discovered this and need to clean up this spot. One of the issues is that we didnt want to make it that only freshmen could be elected in Fall. Wanted to make it so that it allows to re-define what a ‘freshmen’ means. Make the constitution more flexible in re-defining this definition.

Discussion of terms, elections, freshmen, open seats etc.

Onto debate.

Manes: Pretty straightforward. Seems like a good idea. Call to question.

Called to question.

Passes. We shall see it again next week.

Next up! Election of Vacant Council Seats. 5 vacant seats.

Kyle: Move to put the seats on the Fall ballot. All the open seats as of tonight shall go on the Fall Elections ballot and the SEC shall take it up.

Move to take it up tonight. Motion carries.

Approving called to question. Carries.

Wow, running through to the end.

Motion to adjourn. Please stay for closing role!

8:25PMMore discussion on Chief Justice Fifield’s legislation. <See agenda for details>

Discussing the term limits, the need to cap it, the training and needs of justices etc.

8:14PM Fergus: Academic Affairs isn’t sexy. Looking to change the committee name to ‘University Affairs’. More than just textbooks. Expands the role of the committee. Policy at the University level. Hope you endorse this change.

Johnson: I comment that how  you want to expand to the new name…is quite similar to what the Academic Affairs is to do.

Fergus: Well, the goals are all the bylaws of this committee. And I would be the University Chair. <general laughter>.

This piece of legislation to be determined next week.

Fifield: Justices are supposed to be appointed to a 2 year term, with the exception of when they are appointed to finish a term. The majority of people outside of SJ aren’t even aware there is a term. Justices aren’t doing it themselves. I have made a very vocal commitment to adhering to the constitution and bylaws. Amended my legislation to what it is now. There is a lot of turnover on this committee and SSFC. SJ-we are evaluators, thinkers. We benefit from knowing the rules, the techniques. Make sure we have a competent, prepared and completely professional SJ.

8:10PM Discussion of Rules Committee.

Rep Plamann appointed as Chair. Congratulations!!!

In other news, guess what ladies and gentlemen!?! I now have minions! Like my predecessor before me, I now have 2 lovely Assistants. Elise and Rory have been given their schedules and projects, updated on the ways and means of supplying peanut butter m&ms to Council members for meetings and many other things. Look for them around the office and soon, they will be blogging for your general entertainment. Congratulations ladies and good luck!

7:57PM Vice Chair Johnson has a fully written VC report he will send out after the meeting. Worked on a lot of things. Budget priorities. Met with administration. Focus on what we all agree on and what tat unified message is. Talking about campaigns etc.

Fifield: Well aware of the reputation that proceeds her. <general laughter> Hopes that everyone will put that in the past and not hold it agst her. Working incredibly hard to put the court where it should be as stipulated by the constitution and bylaws. Working on replacing associate justices. Getting a proper outreach consultant. Lots of conversation with ASM leadership.

Manes: So, they say they save the best for last….tomorrow will be the GSSF Mixer. Food and drinks provided. Last week was the SSFC retreat. Those who attended I think are the most comprehensively trained members ever.

7:45PM Agenda approved.

Reports of Chairs.

Fergus: Academic Affairs, Textbook Swap was hugely successful! Thank you to everyone for their help.

Uraga: Have 3 Student Council members on my committee, but I still expect everyone else to share their opinions on what we do.

Wrote up a 6 page document on how he wants to work with Diversity Committee this year. Please take time to read the report and ask questions. Will be posted soon

Beemsterboer: Met for the first time last night. Went really well. Everyone pretty comfortable with the process from the beginning. Allocated money for 13 grants. Council will here 3 of the groups next week so the groups can get their funds.  Also, I will be hosting sessions meeting for the Creative Works Fund in a few weeks-start getting things ready so it can hopefully be done by next semester.

Polstein: Passed out written report. Summarizes what I did this past week. Meetings etc

Nickols: Working on hiring and filling positions. Getting associate justices hired and outreach consultant. Looking at interview process in general.

Kyle: Throughout the summer, worked on how Shared Gov functions. Use the Directors to clamp down communications…bring lines of communications from other campuses back to this body. And everyday, done the things I have to do. Make sure Shared Gov is more relevant.

Ziebell: Had first meeting last night. Successful.

On to reports.

7:36PM Continuing discussion on recruitment and kickoff activities.

Moving on.

Jeanette Martin and Rep Ingrham have resigned from Student Council.

Oct 22-24th United Council convention.

These are just open forum announcements.

Open forum is closed.

Moving on to approval of the agenda.

7:28PM Still on announcements. Chair Williams takes back his chairship..

Lizotte: Working on recruitment drive. Will update everyone. Passing around sheets for sign-up. Tabling, etc.

Everyone on Student Council required to do 3 hours of recruitment.

For the recruitment drive so far, there have been many days of tabling. Doing many big Freshmen events. MU Bash etc. Targeting freshmen coming in. Next up is the Student Org fair. Will be doing phone banking the night before the ASM Fall Kickoff September 15th in East Campus Mall.

Other volunteer opportunities available for chalking, putting up signs etc.

Kickoff will have tabling, snacks, information sessions and more! Weather permitting it will be outside. Breakout rooms will be available inside in case of rain.

7:23PM Williams explains that now when anyone asks what a specific part of ASM is up to, he can answer more accurately.

Chair Hanley: How do you measure success, whether the Strategic Plan is accomplished or not at the end of the year, end of semester?

Williams: Required to give the state of ASM address. Being able to go back to this, review this, get a little introspective guidance will be very helpful.

Junger: Do you think using the SP as a guideline for Chair reports would be advisable and helpful and keep chairs on track?

Williams: It could serve as a guide. But the problem we don’t want to run into is that this isn’t a full comprehensive guide. But! It could go a long way in helping things run smoothly.

Zinn: I think it would be cool to see semester plans or midway goals-things we could say have smaller intermediate goals. Not so lofty they can’t be assessed. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Williams: That is a good idea. I left it up to the discretion of the chairs as to what they wanted to add to this report.

No more questions for the Chair.

<general applause as the Chair takes his seat.>

7:08PM Chair Brandon Williams to present the Strategic Plan.

Explains that he holds ASM to a higher standard. There are goals and visions in this document.

Let me explain. This document was put together by the chairs of each of the committees and combined into an official document by Chair Brandon Williams. It outlines what the chairs see their committee as and what they hope to accomplish during this year. It is both lengthy and detailed.

For example:

Student Council: SC is a bureaucratic body with substantial gridlock.

-Bring legislation to committees

-Seek co sponsors

-Don’t make debates personal

Student Council will be a guide for ASM this year.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen I know you are on the edge of your seats for this presentation. I will merely be giving an overview of what Chair Williams is discussing, and then post the actual document for your perusal.

The committees are looking to define policies. Increase involvement by both current members of ASM as well as members of the student body who may not be aware of what ASM does to benefit them. Be held accountable. To uphold ‘Advocacy. Service. Membership.’ To accomplish their goals.

The chairs and ASM leadership have put a lot on their plates this semester. If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about the Strategic Plan please contact any of the chairs, myself or ASM leadership.

End of presentation. What does the last slide say, you might ask?

Now is the time to act.

Get stuff done.

7:01PM Dean Lori Berquam up to speak!

Talking about the roll ASM plays on campus

ASM plays an important roll for advocacy and representing students on campus.

Lori: ASM, making sure that this forum is a marketplace for ideas. You have a responsiblilty as students leaders.

She goes on to give a call to action to ASM leaders. There are many opportunities. To engage students.

Talking about legacy. What is the legacy you will leave? What do you want your legacy to be? As students, scholars, leaders, etc.

Says her and her office are always available for help. Wishes ASM the best in the upcoming year.

Thank you Dean Berquam! It was a pleasure to have you speak 🙂

6:51PM Chair Fergus is there a chance that the state would deny funding

We have to have from the state the cost to continue. We can’t simply take massive cuts and we won’t make that kind of arrangement. <sorry! Missed some of the other important points!>

Rep. Junger questions adding students and the effect it will have on the addition of faculty?

Biddy said they have discussed this. They can’t take more and more students without having the faculty there. Can do a few things to produce more graduates: doesn’t necessarily require upping enrollment at the freshmen level. Want and need more transfer students. Would like to make those collaborations with 2-year campuses work. Also, some students assume it will take more than 4 years. There are reasons why sometimes it takes more than 4 years. But there is a cost to the student and their family. And means that less students can come in.

The requirements to apply for majors puts students at a disadvantage if they don’t get in the first time. There are some departmental policies that need to be looked at, discussed and even changed to produce more graduates for the state.

Unfortunately, it is time for Chancellor Martin to leave for her other engagements. Thank you so much for coming and speaking with us! Mush appreciated!

6:34PM Chancellor ‘Biddy’ Martin greets council. Mentions our new  motto: Our Campus. Our Commitment. <She likes it! Yay!>

Talks about the upcoming Gubernatorial Debate.

Congratulates students who served on the Madison Initiative Committee. Thanks faculty and staff for their help. Said she has relied on what students have said about the proposals to make decisions.

From the proposals, have added over 50 staff positions , added to the financial aid fund-many more students have received aid from the MIU proposals.  <Read more at her report. To be posted here soon!>

Talks about Academic Advising changes.

Hopes more student will benefit from the proposals

On her way to Appleton, Neenah, Green Bay etc tonight  to meet with business leaders, legislators and more about UW-Madison.

Biddy will present a powerpoint to business leaders entitled “Renewing the Bond between Wisconsin and its Flagship campus”.

Talking about increasing student accessing, preparing students, attracting more talent, revenue etc from all over the world, increase graduate rate, enhance capacities, create more new businesses,  more new jobs–using non-state revenue. All these ideas hinge on our ability to compete. All the Universities are increasingly competitive. Thinking realistically is key to thriving and our survival.

People have invested enough in this University to make it world-class. UW-Madison ranks 17th in the world. There are only 3 or 4 public universities that rank in the top 20. Its wonderful, incredible.

How do we ensure that we remain world-class?

Have to remain competitve. Right now we don’t have the authority to manage our own purchasing. To manage our own construction projects. To work out the wage for faculty and staff. To set tuition rates for Madison specifically (operate as part of a system that raises all the universities at a rate.)

Job creation and economic growth. That is the state’s current most urgent need. Great story to tell of what UW-Madison does in creating jobs. Most people don’t know that story.

In 2003 UW-Madison credited with creating 75,00 jobs-directly and indirectly.

Why are we not like every other state agency?

1.) Compete on an international market for talent. -Best researchers, best faculty and staff, best students.

2.) Most state agencies operate on accommodations of state funding.- We are a thriving export business. We bring over a billion dollars of ‘new’ funding into the state. In order for us to be an aid to the state, we need to have people recognize whats specific to this University with world-class status.

<Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies. Biddy is referencing a power point that has been extensively researched and is quite informational and amazing…I will see if it is posted online somewhere and link it here soon!>

Discusses stats on grant and resident tuition. Goes over some of the power point.

Chancellor Biddy Martin opens for questions.

Wow. What a brilliant presentation!

6:32PM Chair Brandon Williams turns over his chair-ship to Vice Chair Adam Johnson.

BJW: Welcome. This will be a more non-traditional meeting. Chancellor Biddy Martin and Dean Lori Berquam will speak to you all. And I will present the ASM Strategic Plan.

Chancellor Biddy Martin to speak first. <applause>


Hello and Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! I come to you from the 4th floor of the Student Activity Center on this momentous occasion.

What occasion is that, you ask?

Why, what you’ve all been waiting for! The FIRST STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING of the Fall Semester for the 17th session.

Don’t hold your breath, roll call has been made, and we’re ready to go! There is plenty of exciting news, so hold onto your seats.


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