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September 16, 2010

Sorry for the slight delay in posting!

8:48PM Motion to adjourn. Resounding ‘Aye’s!’

Closing role.

And we’re out. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Start checking back here more often! The amount of postings will be increasing significantly. I know, y’all can’t wait.

8:41PM Onto Old Business.

Name change of Academic Affairs to University Affairs.

Also, remove Campus Relations Committee and move up and add University Affairs Committee.

All those in favor of approving? General consensus. It will return to the agenda one last time next week. Woo!

2.) Student Judiciary Terms Constitutional Amendment.

Fifield: Life of an officer is generally slower than those of everyone else in ASM. Learning curve is much, much slower. They only see about 1 or 2 cases, write 1 or 2 reports a year on average, each.

Nickols: Kate has done a lot of good work with her committee. She is merely following the rules.

General approval. Passes. This will appear on the ballot. Congrats! High five to Kate from T-Junger!

Unanimous consent to the Student Council Makeup Constitutional Amendment. Will appear on the ballot.

8:19PM Approval of grants:

Taking the 3 grants up tonight in order to ensure the student orgs have the funding they need for their events.

OoOoO exciting slight deviation: Going over a brief viewpoint neutrality training to ensure that council members are aware of this process.

What this means is, council can’t take the viewpoint of their opinions into account when deciding. Can limit groups based on CONTENT requirement. Certain criteria that must be met. Need to look at this in a FISCAL manner. Don’t even look at what group it is, but rather how fiscally responsible and how the funds are being used.

Use fiscal analysis. Be consistent. Be transparent. When voting, explain why.

Williams: If I feel you are voting in a viewpoint manner, I will cut you off and you will not be allowed to vote. Yield the floor to Beemsterboer.

Grant 1:

2010 World Expo Travel Grant-Academic Advancement Program Student Assoc travel grant for $8,226. The funding shall be allocated with $6,332.

Beemsterboer explains the group took 8 people to China on a trip. It was educational in manner and they brought back their experience to share with campus. 4 are asking for funding.

Madsen: How does Finance take into account the number of people being sent?

Beemsterboer: They had fund raised and found alternative funding for their group. Only asking for funds for 4 of the 8. Efforts were made to keep costs down. Finance committee made sure to see that they were paying for some of the trip

Manes: Technically speaking, I don’t like taking the time meddling in another committees affairs. That is why they are do their job. The chair agrees with his committees decision. Also, we established a policy that no group can receive more than 10% of the funds. If this group wants to exhaust their fund in this manner, I’m ok with it.

Beemsterboer: This one we need to amend. To $6,332 in the travel line item and  $1,894 in the lodging line item.

Some debate and general discussion. Thusly amended.

Fergus: I generally have an issue with giving funds to international travel. But if that’s the way the Finance committee is going, I won’t go against it. Call to question.

Approval: Carries. No opposition.

Grant 2:

Engineers without Borders trip to Kenya at the end of August. $6,500 for travel.

No debate. Silence in the house…

Question is called. Approval: Carries. No opposition.

Grant 3: Strictly Bananas Comedy Event grant (Yes, I sang the song in my head to spell b-a-n-a-n-a-s correctly. It helps!)

Beemsterboer: This event usually packs the house. More than 400 students attend. Its been very successful in the past.

Alpha Phi Alpha to receive $5,250 in honoraria fees line item.

Approval: Carries. No opposition.

8:11PM Approval of SACGB Intern Project:

Ziebell: Intern retreat is this weekend, wanted to get this to council right away so that the intern can start working on it immediately.

Nickols: Will the intern be working with student orgs and talking with them to collaborate?

Ziebell: Yes. And there is no specific line item for the art work, but we can pull from various other line items. Also, the safety issues for the building: cameras, alarms, evacuation concerns etc, the intern will be working with different tenants within the building as well.

Is there money in the budget for this?

Ziebell: Money we can pull it from, possibly in our line item for repairs that we might not use all of. Depending on what exactly we’re doing and how many floors it includes may be able to get other funding. Its very unique. Might be able to set up a reserve account.

Bemis: Where would the 4th floor art gallery be?

Ziebell: There are already bars on the wall to hang  art and specific lighting as well that won’t harm the art.

This will be brought up again at next weeks meeting.

Williams yields his Chair-ship to speak.

ASM Foundation fund.

It has been sitting around-started a few years ago. Several thousand dollars sitting in an untapped reserve. Already recruited an intern to start working on this project. Wanted to set this before council.

T-Junger: Have we contacted anyone in the Foundation?

Williams: There were 2 board members. One was in Madison. One out in San Diego-the check book holder. Made it difficult to access those funds. However, their terms expired in August. There is no one on the board. Both individuals seemed like they wanted to be on it again, especially if it actually started working.

Johnson: Everyone who has an intern and is setting them on a project should submit project ideas by next week for review.

7:58PM SACGB Bylaw change legislation:

Katy: Knowing when applications are due. Setting the date to be more clear.Also, having final approval by Student Council. Don’t want to have issues with allocations this year.

(Something else about drafting..something..really, I’ll upload the materials and you can have a look-see. Mostly its just making things more clear and efficient. Yay!)

T-Junger: If groups are made aware of whether they will have space by March or early April, is that enough time for groups to find out, if they don’t get space, where they can look for alternative space?

Katy; Off campus leasing is no longer an option. Mecha was granted an exemption to their lease. New Union South won’t be available to students till a year or two after it opens, don’t quote me on that, uncertain on the specifics. But otherwise there is the Mem Union and that’s not much. SAC is currently the only real space available.

T-Junger: That really only pertains to students that receive University funding to be able to get space. Is the date really enough time for groups to be able to find alternates?

Katy: Well, they would have the entire summer to work things out. I made it the final meeting in March b/c otherwise Student Council is busy with the internal budget and everything. Had issues with space last year, want to have it straightened out this year. Wanted the date as a fail-safe. Don’t want to put a specific date, just around that timeline. Want to take this up tonight as a 2/3rds vote. If we don’t take this up till next week…its getting very close to the deadline and if it doesn’t pass, have to go back and change it.

T-Junger: agrees with Ziebell and offers his support.

Beemsterboer: I think we should put a final date on this. It should be a set date.

T-Junger: That’s around Spring Break. Setting it as the last meeting of the month seems fine.

Johnson: In my reading it, it just seems like the date is by March 31 that this has to be done.

Kyle: I would agree with VC Johnson. Also, I thought was had talked about sending around legislation earlier to be able to work out little points like this without spending 15mins talking about little specifics during council meetings.

Called to question. Voting on the amendment. Then to vote on the legislation itself.

Carries to add ‘March 31st’ to the end.

Carries as approval of the legislation.

This will be seen again next week for final approval.

7:46PM Chair reports—

Sorry they aren’t included in the packets. Working through how to get them included without having Chairs spend over 30% of their time working on them each week.

Williams gives his report: Meetings. Setting up a ride-along with the police-should be very informative. Talked with Biddy and Lori Berquam.(Did a lot more awesome things, not sure how he fins the time for it all! But, he talks quite quickly and I was answering questions from my minions 😉 )

Student Org Fair was a great success. The Kickoff went well. There was a lot of solid student interest and we will go from there.

Johnson: Meetings. Talking about legislative issues. Budget. Coordinating on how they can work together on potential 128 fundraise and how to minimize affect on seg fees. Have some exciting news next Wednesday.

Regarding interns: Excited to have a Press Office intern; will help with projects and other exciting things coming from the PO (Oh yes. So excited! Met with the prospective intern today. She is very nice! Can’t wait to meet more with her this weekend and discuss some awesome projects I want to get off the ground this year! Check back for more updates!) Intern retreat this weekend.

Report of Student Judiciary:

Fifield: Working to set up the interview process to have outreach coordinator hired. Talked about expanding the role of the consultant. If anyone is curious about the expanded role, please email me. Want to make this process go smoothly as possible. Preparing for round two of chair limits legislation.

Report of SSFC:

Manes: 1) GSSF Mixer great success! 42 members showed up, representing 11 of the 13 groups that signed up 2.) Eligibility started this past Monday. Looking to be a pretty eventful season…SLP and PAVE decisions tmrw. 3. ) Meeting with chairs in Chancellors office about putting up a reserve to roll over to make any renovations or upkeep to the SAC building when needed.  4.) Timeline for the Fall. Comprehensive review of how budgets and communications work. Will be giving presentations on all the information. Lot of case law and public forum information to go over.

Katy: Had a mtg today addressing issues of who pays for what in the upkeep of the building…so that’s good.

7:45PM Report of SHARE GOV:

Kyle: Open application stage. About 80 seats open. We had training last week…it was a smashing success. Everyone was really wild and entertaining…plus I had like 80% attendance.

Report of SACGB:

Katy: Met for the second time yesterday. I have legislation. Want to approve my intern project. And also some things on my bylaws.

7;40pm Report of LEGGIE AFFAIRS:

Polstein: Great turnout at meeting last week. Also had a lot of interest from the Kickoff and will be having their next meeting on Monday.

Common Council mtg at 6:30PM on Tuesday Sept 21st. They will be talking about the leasing issue. Please attend!

Kyle: What size turnout do we need to make an impression?

Polstein: Theres always an impression made when students show up. If we could get 30-40 would be great! Anything in the double digits would be great. They really aren’t expecting people to show up. Meeting might be rather long. Check out the agenda on

Lizotte: What’s your goal for students to attend?

Polstein: Have students who are passionate about the issue and have stories to tell in front of common council would be good. Get the word out, talk to people, talk to all your friends to come-that will be the best way. They will be discussing the leasing issue-its a big deal. That’s a strategy that’s going to work.

Not everyone is passionate about the issue, not everyone worries about it but those who do, it’ be great if they came to talk about it and show support.


Beemsterboer: Held 2 meetings so far. Things going well. Allocated about 30% of Travel fund. All committee members attended the Org Fair to pass out brochures to all the student orgs for grant information. Great for them to have a leader from ASM go around just to talk to them about the funds available.

7:32PM   Jolie Lizotte asks who isn’t a registered voter…many people raise their hands. Forms are passed out. Jolie explains how to fill them out and will pick them up after the meeting.

Open forum opens…and is close. Agenda is approved. The minutes are approved. Reports of special committees.

Report of ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Textbook Swap: 1,793 books dropped off-increase of  60from last year.

Sold about 525 books-saved students $11,412 from the book swap.

New system worked a lot better. Programming work and equipment so much better. Barcode scanners. Drop more efficient. Purchasing easier. Printing labels, etc.

389 unique sellers.  More successful swap than last year! Congrats!!!

Beemsterboer asks if this is a program that needs to be expanded in the future.

Fergus says purchasing “ASM-totes” (pronounced ‘asymptotes’) would be very helpful but things are good currently.


Welcome back ladies and gents! 2nd Student Council mtg of the 17th Session. (No worries, I’ll stop counting around the double digits.)

There have been a lot of big goings-on the past few days. Let’s catch you up!

The Student Org Fair was yesterday at the Kohl center from 5-8PM. Twas a smashing success! Had a LOT of student, mostly freshmen, interest. We were out of all our handouts by the first hour! We’ll be getting in contact with everyone who showed interest before the weekend. Check your inboxes!

The ASM Fall 2010 Kickoff was tonight! It was well attended (pics to follow!) We generated interest an fed the people. Job well done! Chair Williams gave a great keynote address an then the committees had break out sessions for more information and to answer questions.

And now, the event you’ve all been waiting for….Student Council Mtg! (Agenda here)

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