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Press Office Upates!

September 16, 2010

Hey-o ladies and gents! Welcome back to school and Madison, classes and cute TAs, events and busy schedules, and eating out of cups of Ramen…

In lieu of doing my own seven billion hours of reading that I ‘accidentally’ put off this week, I am here to offer you the updates and initiatives this office will strive for this semester/ year.

For starters, let me introduce myself. Hi! My name is Marie Puissant. I am a senior this year (*wipes away a tear). I am your new ‘friendly’ neighborhood Press Office Director.

I wrote for the Badger Herald for about 3 years and was selected, along with Alicia Yaeger, as an assistant to this office last year. Under our most memorable director, Ken Harris, I learned a lot (keep the food hidden from the office in the bottom cabinet, LiveBlogs generate the most hits, bribes are highly encouraged and accepted, oh! and no matter what you write, the more you do it you’re still going to improve.) Ken, you’re sorely missed!

I am a Marketing and English major. I want to go into Publishing when I grow up. I love, love, love writing! I love dancing, club style 😉 , just as much. I love Boston and will move there someday. I am a dog person. I make the BEST white chocolate-cranberry-almond biscotti…which I will be bringing into the office…someday…soonish…and I do indeed like peanut butter M&Ms.

This year, there are 2 lovely new assistants: Elise Yafet and Rory Linnane.

They are kinda being thrown into the middle of things at the moment but I have every confidence in their abilities and can’t WAIT to see what AMAZING things they accomplish.


-We are starting an e-newsletter that will contain ASM updates, stories, events and other fun facts. It will start out as MONTHLY but with luck, and increased content, it will become bi-monthly. Check your inboxes during the first week of October!

We are implementing an archive file of all stories about/containing members of ASM. If you come into the office, check out our PRESS WALL! We cut out all stories from the newspapers and post them there.

-We are working on a photo gallery. Tune back in SOON for an update on our PHOTO PROJECT! Its gonna be pretty fabulous 😉 headed up by the lovely Miss Linnane.

-The Facebook group “ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF MADISON” will be re-vamped and updated much more frequently. Join the group and in the next few weeks, leave us your comments and thoughts! Brought to you by the adorable Miss Yafet.

I HAVE AN INTERN!!! As if 2 minions weren’t enough, they went and found me another lackey to bring me coffee…er…help out with our numerous projects. Sophomore Sarah Jarvis will be joining the team as of next week. The intern retreat is this weekend! Sarah and I will be meeting up for some training, evaluation and project assessment. We have some exciting ideas for her to work with, so check back to see what we decide!!!

I can’t reveal all my little secrets in just one post, so I’ll save a few tricks of the trade up my sleeve for your next PRESS OFFICE UPDATE!

*Check out the blog this weekend when the new ASSISTANTS will be publishing their FIRST POSTS!

*If you read back the past 3 posts, learn about the first 2 STUDENT COUNCIL meetings and the summer meeting of Chair Brandon Williams with the French University Presidents.

*The ASM 2010 Fall KICKOFF was last night. Chair Williams gave a great keynote address and the committees held breakout sessions to provide more information and answer questions. There was a lot of interest generated and we were very pleased with everyone who came to attend!

*The STUDENT ORG FAIR was a GREAT SUCCESS! We talked to a lot of interested freshmen and had several pages of email addresses to enter into our system.
*sigh. And now, ladies and gents, I really must get back to work. Its been a lovely break chatting with you all.
I need to go do some hefty reading whilst avoiding my roomie’s 2 ADORABLE ferrets.. (I ❤ you Amber!) Really…they are…cute! They just are longer and more wriggly than any rodent I’m aware of, no..wait..they are weasels. Not rodents. K. Got it. Weasels are friends not…long, squirmy rodents. :/
And on that note…Check back more frequently! We’ll be posting several times a week with EXCITING, NEW Updates!
Any thoughts, questions, concerns, comments about anything lemme know! Or stop by the office. Chances of my being there are relatively high.
Have an AMAZING WEEKEND. Be safe!
-Your Press Office Director
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