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University Affairs Has Successful Textbook Swap!

September 19, 2010

Hey Badgers!,

So, we’ve had less than a month of school, and already, ASM is making positive changes to our lovely university. University Affairs Committee (aka Academic Affairs, but they are looking to revamp their old name) recently finished off their most successful Affordable Textbook Swap in UW-Madison’s history!

This year, students saved more than $11,000 over the Amazon price of textbooks (that is a TON, considering Amazon is typically the place to find the cheapest books out there) by purchasing through ASM’s swap. 1,789 books came through and 500 were bought (don’t worry, for those that didn’t sell, students will get their books returned to them). After a few years of the program, participants are increasing in number, old participants are returning and word is definitely getting around campus! And…more books were sold than any other semester! (Think about how much savings there could be if more people got involved/knew about the program? Students are able to set their own selling prices and ASM gets no profit, making this a much more cost effective way to buy books!)

So, why get involved with University Affairs this year?! Well, the committee is currently working towards better academic life for you and the future generations of UW. The group works with faculty administration and other student organizations to improve policy and procedure at the university. And what does that exactly entail, you might ask? Well, specifically this year, they are working on issues affecting textbook costs, financial aid, curriculum and campus safety. So, you could do anything ranging from working to change the curriculum for an academic major to negotiating with professors to assign lower cost books or even online books.

Join the fight now in changing the lives of 42,000 students! University Affairs meets Tuesdays at 6PM at the SAC (Student Activity Center. 333 E. Campus Mall) in the Caucus Room in ASM’s hub on the 4th floor. Contact Chair Carl Fergus at for any additional information!

Hope everyone rests up for “just another manic Monday!” and had a spectacular weekend. I will now return to my daunting amount of reading.

-ASM Blogger

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