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The Polstein-geist…

September 22, 2010

6:31PM Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely week and can’t WAIT to hear all about the fun we’ll have tonight. Updates, details, interns, initiatives and bylaws…..all sorts of EXCITING things!

Here is tonight’s AGENDA .

Also! Note of interest: we are going to try something NEW tonight. Instead of updating top-up as per usual, we’re going to try TOP-DOWN updating. Not to throw you off, really. But just too see how it looks/works.

PLEASE leave comments about whether or not you like this way or the other one better. This one does require more scrolling…but I digress.

6:36PM We are all ‘quietly’ talking with our neighbors…over heard conversations include, but aren’t limited to: “Waukesha” “fall semester…” “You could see them mouth the words…” “…chocolate chip cookies…”” Freudian slip, sorry”  Hmm….well these are all very insightful and meaningful conversations. Wish I heard more of some of them.

Oh, right. The reason for this delay is because of problems with the recording. Can’t have that!

6:41PM Still waiting on recording malfunctions. Soo…how was your day? Mine was good. Class, work, meetings..the usual.

6:43PM CALL TO ORDER! Technical difficulties taken care of. Yay! On to roll call.

6:45PM Open forum: Staff are up to speak. All of them! <Visual aid: they are standing in a row in front of the windows to introduce themselves! >

Lisa A says they will all introduce themselves. We work with quite a few of them on a day-to-day basis. There are 10 staff members. They are going to try and fill a financial position in the near future.

There is a handout going around “What can students in the ASM ask staff to do”. This will be a very useful document! Hopefully uploaded soon.

6:49PM Lisa A was hired as a Campus Organizer when she first came to ASM four years ago. She has been in the Director role ( Director of Staff and Programs) for about 2 years now. She advises SSFC chair, SJ Chair, Noms Board, ASM Chair, Diversity chair and quite a few others.

Kelly Krein is the current Campus Organizer and Assistant Director. She works directly with SEC, Leg Affairs and Shared Gov. She also heads and teaches the intern class. She is all-knowing about elections, logistics, mass emails, list-serv info and other technology.

Margaret B is the Policy and PLanning Analyst Senior. She works with seg fee info, metro info. She is the bus pass coordinator and works very closely with transportation. She has worked with ASM for a long time but before that she worked with other transportation services. She went to school here as well! Works with the Bursars office, housing committees, ID office, City government, member of several commissions and advisories. Questions on city government can be directed to her as well.

Anna Stevens is the advisor to Student Print. It was originally a staff-run note taking business but the in the late 1990s it was changed to a student run office. SP is mentioned in the ASM Bylaws as well. It is completely student run, for students. Printing, student bus pass distribution, faxing, etc. Contact Anna about copy righting and more!

Amy Timm is the SAC floor manager. Day-to-day activities. Provides staff on the 3rd floor. Manage reservations. Give out a lot of directions for the building and campus in general. Also work with security and custodial services. Gives out keys to RSOs who have offices.About 600 keys for different things in the building. Can give advice and insight to what happens in the building….policies, procedures etc.


Joannna Gurstelle is the Student Services Specialist. Also, the SSFC advisor. Works with student organizations, conflict mediation, attend every SSFC meeting—> has a LOT of historical knowledge. Train GSSF groups on how to manage their money. Run trainings for grants. And so much more!

Anju Chhetri is the SSFC Financial Specialist. She works with budgets and payrolls for over 200 students and 30 GSSF groups totaling over 6MILLION dollars. She helps in purchases for offices.

Shana Treu does payroll, meets with about 200 RSOs per year. Process payments. Works on finances.

Rich Sterkowitz does just about anything. He provides oversight to all budgets. Supervises the staff. Oversees anything we spend money on. Part of his job is to provide direction and training to the staff and students. Works with the deans offices, accounting services and UW legal. Also gives advice on…just about anything from music to family. Advises professional staff on policy and interpretation. Any questions on policy-what you can, can’t do etc talk to him first! Can direct in the right direction.

Role of the staff is to serve and understand. Work with the students to implement decisions. Come to all the meetings to oversee and help.


7:05PM Next on Open Forum list: Ellen Frank. President of UW Homecoming Committee.

Talking about their upcoming grant. Thanks ASM for all the support. Their 8-day event couldn’t happen without the support. This year’s theme is: Legends of Bucky Badger-Tradition and great things about the university. Want involvement from all students on campus!

Have some corporate sponsors. Worked out a lot of logistics. Open for questions.

7:08PM Sami from WISPIRG-Visibility Chair.

Giving an update on what they’ve been up to. Working to resolve real social problems. 135 students came to their Kickoff last night. Big event, very successful.

Tomorrow is the National Health Care Day of Action. Obama’s health care bill is going in to effect. They have a pamphlet they will be handing out to ALL students on campus with an intro from President Obama. There will be a press conference in the Beefeaters room in Memorial Union tmrw afternoon. There will be speakers, the brochures handed out and more. Feel free to stop by.

Manes: Wants to speak about SJ Bylaw change. He is in full support for a mutual agent helping the committees navigate bylaws with student organizations. Bylaws are several hundred pages long and there are policies and procedures that can be very confusing. Chair Fifield has been very on top of things this semester and Manes fully supports her actions.

Open forum closed.

7:12PM Agenda adopted. Woo!

Reading and approval of minutes. Minutes approved. Seconded. No objections. Minutes so approved. Woo!

Reports of Chairs.

Uraga: Has been doing a lot of work. Trying to get 15-20 students orgs involved in a diversity forum type thing. Student leaders to get together and talk about diversity and how to improve this situation. Talk about short and long term goals and then next semester put those into action. Oct 21, Nov 18th and sometime in Dec will be meetings. Please attend!

Beemsterboer: Gave out grants. You can read my report.

Polstein: Check out my chair report to see some of the mtgs Ive attend. The Common Council mtg: end result the legislation has been tabled till the Oct 19th mtg. The policy will be changed/tweaked a bit in that time. Hopefully have more aldermen in support. Many students showed up for support. More students than last year for the ALRC student vote meeting. Didn’t actually get to vote last night but it was very impressive. Check out the City of Madison website, in the minutes they put who checked in, in support of the proposal…about 20-25 students.

Going to meet with alders and students and those in support or on the fence up until October 19th to get more on board. Send out emails etc.

VDLGB: Met with Dean Berquam. Secured seats for…something that I missed hearing. Ask more about it! Solidified application process.

Ziebell: Check my chair report. Had a meeting tonight about setting up a reserve account for SAC for maintenance so there is no need to charge students.


Chair reports:

Williams: Meetings. Lots of them. There will be more.

There seems to be a conflict with a leave of absence from Andrea Nickols. She will continue to do Noms Board duties but is asking for a leave of absence from Student Council.

Members of Council are confused on whether she can have a leave of absence but still maintain her stipend ed position.

Beemsterboer: I am in support of this. She is doing what I would do if I needed a leave of absence…cutting down in an area that takes up my time like this.

Madsen: Im uncomfortable granting this. I understand her need to cut the things she needs to. And still do Noms Board. They are paid to do their duties but also come to Council to discuss and report back. We should expect them to come and see whats going on and how it affects her duties.

VDLGB: Want to explore the opportunity of on-paid absences. But Noms Board fills positions we pay and don’t pay..and the chair isn’t coming to these meetings because of a personal time conflict…the Chair needs to be here to explain and even defend the choice of why a particular person has been picked.

Tyler: We do have vacant seats that will be filled….we are all students when we are doing our jobs here. I think that’s important to recognize. School work can get behind. ASM is not life. You come to college to get a degree. There are serious implications for things. I think that is someone needs to prioritize we need to accept that. If she can still do her Noms Board chair then we should accept that. Do you want a Noms Board Chair to take into account the debates we have here about who we want on Council!? I think that could be dangerous.

Im going to recognize the fact that she’s a student, she needs to get her stuff done and that’s ok.

Max Love: I don’t understand how she didn’t send an email out to explain anything to Student Council. For her to be gone till December without an explanation to us all…we have people who are on Council who have hundreds of things going on; Im not trying to make a comparison. For someone who ran for Council, got the position, got on SSFC and a chair-ship and now wants to put in a leave of absence but keep their chair-ship…that’s not ok with me. If you can’t do your job to the best of your ability, someone used to say ‘just quit’. A full semester to just take off…when shes elected, appointed and appointing other people to positions is just not OK.

Lizotte: <missed a lot , sorry!> Just keep in mind there are other students who would love this opportunity. If she can’t do it, she should just resign.

Hanley: I’m struggling on a decision for this. Someone doesnt have to justify their personal reasons to us for why they can’t be here. They don’t have to send an email to all of us saying why. On the other hand, taking a leave of absence for half her term…I don’t have a solution for a better course of action. But at least give her the professional courtesy of not explaining to all of Council why she needs a leave of absence. The fact that she recognized she needed it is fine. Asking someone to justify that is inappropriate.

Zibell: We have no business asking Andrea why she’s doing this. We should give her the benefit of the doubt. I will vote for this. She is one of the duties on Council that is mostly administrative. She can do a lot of her work from home. She just needs to come in for interviews. We need to keep that in mind.

Williams: I would be comfortable talking to Andrea about a different course of action.

Johnson: I would be comfortable tabling this till next meeting and in the meantime have Williams talk to Andrea and maybe find a different course of action and explain what we have talked about here. Im not comfortable granting this on a professional level.

Manes: In support of Andrea’s leave of absence.

General confusion.

Call to question on tabling the manner.

That fails.

Max Love: I don’t think we should postpone this. My argument isn’t that we need to know whats going on in her personal life. I would have liked to see an email about this COMING up at the meeting. Just that we’ll be seeing this. I’m hoping we don’t postpone.

Plamann: If she can’t do her job, she shouldn’t. I expect her as Chair to be here. Not table this. Lets vote on this tonight.

Hanley: Wasn’t tabling supposed to find alternative options?

Fifield: I believe you should accept her proposal tonight as is. She is incredibly valuable. She is still doing an excellent job. She can miss 3 hours of legislation that she might not participate in. I think you should give her the benefit of the doubt and let her do the important work.

More discussion. Lots of similar debate. 

Motion called. Motion to postpone: 12. Opposed: 4. Item postponed till next meeting.

7:52PM General discussion on a Chief of Staff report. On leave of absences. And other miscellaneous items.

Report of Vice Chair: Johnson: Meetings. Working with College Dems and Republics. Bringing candidates to campus for individual conferences. Attended student kickoffs. Talked to Tammy Baldwin. Working on specifics for Gubernatorial debate.


Fifield: Check out Chair report. Highlight that a great majority of my time has been spent on preparing to hire the outreach consultant. One was re-arranging the budget to PAY the consultant.

Manes: Working on eligibility and budget decisions. Taking up most of our time. Meeting tomrw.

Moving on.

New Legislation.

SSFC Agenda Bylaw Change– Essentially allow Manes to have the authority to arrange the agenda in a helpful, efficient cohesive manner.

Manes: I would like to take this up tonight please.

On to debate. No debate. Onto approval and moving on to approval at the next meeting. Approved.


Shared Gov Intern Project-put forth by VDLBG

VDLBG: “Be it resolved, that the ASM Shared Governance Intern will work on a student segregated fees comprehensive review.” (Ok, so that was straight from the legislation…)

One way to make an intern project relevant and useful is working closely with them and share the knowledge I’ve gained and help her develop it.

Will see this item next week on the agenda.


Approval of UW Homecoming Grant. The event is coming up in about 11 days. Taking the approval of this grant up tonight.

Call to question. No opposition. Its carried. Approval: Aye! No opposition.

Grant amended as resolved.

Moving on.


Endorsement of National Day of Voter Registration.

Lizotte: Way for ASM to take an official stance. This is a day of action in campuses across the country. Remind students why its important to get out and vote. Tactics on campuses everywhere. Before the deadline on Oct 13th. We will be doing class announcements, with permission of faculty and professor. Have students fill out forms to be collected. Going to give presentations in Housing. Have an Op Ed in the newspapers. Etc

Call to question. Seconded. Approving the endorsement as resolved: Aye! Carries.

Moving right along.


Intro of new legislation: Vote 2010 Intern. Shall be on the agenda again next week.

Next up: Shared Gov Training Fund Transfer. Will be seen again next week.

Also: Approval of other intern projects.

“Be it resolved projects concerning financial literacy, financial aid, city legislation, federal lobbying, organizational advertising and branding (My intern!!!), and textbook issues be approved for interns to work on.”


Onto: Student Judiciary Outreach Consultant Bylaw Change

Some debate. Please check out the legislation provided. Will be taken up at next weeks meeting.

Onto Old Business.

8:25PM OMG! I have the greatest news! Seriously! Really! You won’t be able to contain your excitement! Hold your breath!!!!

Are you ready for this!?


The former Academic Affairs has OFFICIALLY been changed and will hitherto be referred to as UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS!



SACGB bylaws have been amended. SACGB Intern project has been approved. ASM Foundation Intern approved.


8:30PM Meeting adjourned.

Well. That was thrilling. Got a little intense there for a moment. Hope you all had fun. Snide remarks to my spelling attempts are no longer being solicited.

Also! Today was my daddy’s birthday. Yes, as the awesome daughter I am, I made the obligatory birthday text, call and email. The present…will be shopped for….at the next payday!

In honor of Dads everywhere, here is a tributary from a “darling” old woman whose ‘Daddy taught her well.’ Enjoy!

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