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In which they took too many photos…

September 29, 2010

…<click, snap, click, snap, click> I don’t know about you, but I feel like the newspapers send their newest photographers to these meetings as practice on angles, shooting, and to see who can get the best open-mouthed photo of whoever happens to be speaking at the time…but! I digress…
6:31PM Call to order. Roll call. Open forum.

Andrea Nickols speaks about her leave of absence. She appointed 2 positions this week, has been around the office and doing a great job. She has accepted a 20% cut of pay from her stipend while she maintains her leave of absence and will hopefully be back to Council before the end of semester.

—Slight re-arranging of the agenda. Agenda approved.—

6:45PM Report of the Chairs.

Finance and SACGB canceled their meetings last night because of the Presidential rally.

Student Judiciary now have an Outreach consultant and Associate Justice (which are on the agenda as intro’d legislation.)

SSFC is preparing a presentation on their future plans and more which should be ready in about 2 weeks time.

6:55PM More clicking and snapping…really, the newspaper have this photos from past meetings. Are the photographers showcasing the different outfits? ….but they look the same as usual….anywayz…

Introduction of the Internal Budget Reform Act. Finance Chair Matt Beemsterboer would like this to be approved for the sake of his committee and the work they need to do on this.

Committee Appointment Accountability Bylaws-discusses enforcing leave of absence policies and how they pertain to both Student Council and the committees a person serves on.

So..what does this mean to us lay-persons? Just that it specifies how many unexcused absences a person can have to these meetings really…

Also at this point in time KURT GOSSELIN has pointed out I haven’t posted yet…making this not quite a liveblog…so! POSTING Thanks Kurt. 😛

7:08PM Moving right along:

By unanimous consent the Shared Gov intern, the Vote 2010 intern, the Shared Gov training fund transfer, the ASM Fall Intern Omnibus legislation and the SJ Outreach Consultant Bylaw Change are accepted and approved.

Well..that was quick. WILLIAMS comments on the quietness of the room…people remain quiet…

7:10PM Discussion of Associate Justice Appt and SJ Outreach Consultant. General consensus that these positions are needed and have been filled appropriately.

Internal Budget Reform Act-Moving the INTERNAL BUDGET process to Coordinating Council (essentially ASM Leadership and the Chairs of all the committees..oh, and me!)

Beemsterboer says it is pointless essentially for them to have the Internal Budget. His committee gives grants. There is generally quite a bit of turnover and the committee doesn’t always know what it is doing. Says in the future, there may even be a name change to ‘Grant’ committee.

Manes agrees. Says he doesn’t get why Finance does it anyway.

Q&A time!

Bemis wants to know if Coordinating Council really has time for this?

Johnson assures her that CoCo meets every Friday, has the knowledge and would be able to go through the Internal Budget efficiently.

General discussion over the bylaws and who can all be included on Coordinating Council and who can be voting members.

Jolie is concerned that those on CoCo are stipend-ed positions and are voting on the Internal Budget???

Manes aren’t stipends actually determined by a bylaw and can’t be changed?
Williams concurs.

Jolie maybe there should just be more training for the Finance Committee members so that they can accurately determine the Internal Budget. Still doesn’t see why it should come from CoCo.

Fifield CoCo is prohibited from allocating funds…does this violate that?

Williams no. <sites a direct explanation of the bylaws>

Jolie still worried about the checks involved with CoCo doing this process.

Manes says it is probably the best thing we could do. There are checks: the drafts go straight before Student Council, then it goes to SSFC, then back to COUNCIL, then to CoCO then Council again. There are so many far as accountability I don’t see a problem with this.

Fergus Finance gives grants to student orgs. SSFC gives budgets. Have more scope and have the criteria to determine how the process works. CoCo knows how we spend the budget–made of committee chairs who have this knowledge and worked with this before.

Beemsterboer main purpose of this is that it’s not to change where the power is–it will be involved at all levels! But to streamline it to those who know what they’re doing. It will still make a stop at Finance Committee but they don’t know, don’t have the training. They joined Finance to allocate event, travel and operations grants…which, come Spring, will be Grants committee. Those who understand and know what funding is for…are the Chairs! Know what we need. This has to do with streamlining the process….

Call to question. Division. 10-3

To approve this legislation for next time…Roll call.

12-3-2 this has been passed and will be put forth next week.

7:28PM Motion to adjourn.


Wow. This meeting was less than an hour. That NEVER happens! This whole new streamlining things is amazing. I’m a huge fan. Way to get stuff done!

Enjoy your night everyone! Check for updates from the Press Office TOMORROW!!!

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  1. Kurt G permalink
    September 29, 2010 6:17 pm

    Thank you.

    Check out other ASM-related coverage over at North Park Street

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