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ASM’s M&Ms!!!

October 5, 2010

Clever, huh? Yeah, we thought so too. The FIRST ASM e-newsletter came out today!!! It’s ok, I could hardly contain my excitement as well 🙂

So here’s the deal: From the desk of the Press Office, we shall be sending out a mass email EVERY 2 WEEKS with updates, meetings, matters (M&Ms…get it? Get it???  ) events and other valuable, pertinent information. We’ll keep it short and sweet; hopefully more sa-weet graphics and photos as well.

Didn’t have a chance to read this week’s newsletter? For shame! Well! Read on. I’ll break it down for ya…

First, we had a lovely intro from our fearless leader: Chair Brandon Williams:

Dear student,

Thank you for reading this Associated Students of Madison newsletter and for your interest in ASM.  ASM is the official student government at the University of Wisconsin and represents over 40,000 students.  We work on a wide range of issues, from diversity on campus, to campus safety, to legislative policy-making at the city, state and national level.  We also provide a number of important campus services, including the ASM Bus Pass, the ASM Text Book Swap and allocating student fees.

This year, ASM has reinvigorated its commitment to campus.  We have made it a priority to be an organization for students, by students.  With a number of dedicated, hardworking students, we have made a promise to be more accountable to the campus, to act on students behalf at all times and to be cognizant of the average student at all times, not just when it’s convenient.  But we still need you.  Please join us as we make the pledge: Our Campus. Our Commitment.


Brandon John Williams

ASM Chairman

Next up was an exclusive interview with our very own Legislative Affairs Chair Sam Polstein (by: Rory Linnane)

Then, Elise Yafet wrote a smashing article on explaining grants to student organizations.

After that, so as to showcase my own brilliant work: Ways to Get Involved with ASM!

And finally, we had a short and concise little brief on Press Office updates for the week.

We’ll be sending out the next ASM’s M&Ms e-newsletter in approximately 2 weeks for your enjoyment. We will feature a different exclusive on a CHAIR (feel free to bribe us to be the next feature!)as well as plenty of stimulating and transparently exciting things from ASM.

If you have any suggestions for content, let us know! We are going to keep it rather short (in an effort to maintain some sort of readership..)but we still want some unique stories as well!

And in other news…Student Council will be meeting tomorrow, as per usual, to introduce new legislation, approve old legislation and potentially set a new record for GSD. Tune back here for more updates!


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