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October 6, 2010

Hello ladies and gents! Hope you are all doing quite well on this lovely Wednesday night. The weather is a balmy 72 degrees….and we are settling in for our weekly Student Council meeting. I’m chilling here with Romo (Michael Romenesko) and we’re excited to get down to business 😀
6:32PM Roll call.

6:35PM Open Forum.

Jolie talks about getting registered to vote. REGISTER PEOPLE! For more information, come into the office and fill out a registration form!

There will be a rally in Library Mall tmrw from 12:30PM-1:30PM on ‘Defending Public Education’. Stop by and hear from a variety of speakers!

Jonah Zinn wants everyone to attend the first meeting of the Affordable Textbooks Committee of Shared Gov in Bascom Hall on Friday from 3-4PM in room 187. Its going to be very informative!

Secretary of WISPIRG-last week, Global Warming Campaign gained tons of signatures to ban bottled water on campus. Next week, Vote Coaltion will be registering <hopefully> 200 voters in the last few days. Next Tuesday in the Union there will be a speaker on Fair Trade.

6:42PM Approval of agenda.

Chair reports. Most of the chairs have specified that what they are working on is in their chair reports. (I’ll link those here after the meeting. Stay tuned!)

Chair Fergus is entering the MTV’s College Affordability contest. Sounds…actually rather impressive. Talk to Fergus for more details.

Chair Brandon Williams sent out a very important email this past week on leadership, accountability, relationships between members of ASM and more. He asked for all recipients of the email to email him back in response answering some questions he posed on an effective leader and to set up a time to meet with him individually in efforts for inclusion and cohesion of ASM and our efforts. Three cheers for the Chair!

Vice Chair Johnson said this past week was fairly administrative.

Chief Justice Fifield said they hired a new Justice in lieu of Justice Krebbs quitting. SJ is anticipating the hearing of WISPIRG-October14th and 18th. Also working with SEC for the upcoming elections. Candidate matrix should be up and posted on the website by Friday for your perusal. Elections will be held Oct 18th-20th and followed by a PRESS CONFERENCE of the winners Wednesday Oct 20th at 6:30PM in the Internal conference.

Chair Manes-Monday he will be unveiling the a comprehensive review and plan at his SSFC meeting. He will be sending out a OPEN INVITATION for members of student organizations and GSSF groups to participate to get as much feedback as possible to help with the funding streams re-design.

6:50PM Old business.

Motion to adopt by unanimous content.

Btw, the agenda will be posted soon. I promise.

SJ Outreach Consultant Bylaw change approved by unanimous consent.

Discussion on the proposal for the Internal Budget to be moved from Finance Committee to Coordinating Council. Vice Chair Johnson says with all the checks and balances in place and the fact the Internal budget will still be seen and approved by everyone, this really just ensures that the budget is comprehensively reviewed and determined by knowledgeable individuals.



Approved by unanimous consent.

6:55PM Committee Appointment Accountability Bylaw.

Fergus and Junger give their approval and explain why. Because its a good idea, really.

VC Johnson also thinks it makes the chairs accountable for being in their positions.

Kyle wants the legislation read aloud so that everyone hears, understands and knows what it contains. Genius.

Chair Williams reads the legislation aloud. Essentially it discusses absences and attendances.

Manes says if you’re on a committee, you should be attending.

Approved by unanimous consent.

7:00PM New legislation. Wow, really just cruising right along!

Chair Williams calls for unanimous consent of the appointment to SJ and the 16 appointments to Shared Gov. No one opposes.


Motion to adjourn.

Manes opposes. No one seconds.

Final roll call.

7:01PM Adjourned. 30 minutes recorded exactly.

Well…that was efficient. Hope you all enjoyed.

Check back here for the Assistant’s blog, the NEW ASM informational brochure! and some exciting announcements later this week.

Have a great night! Cheers! 😉

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