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University Affairs Work to Improve College Affordability

October 8, 2010

Going to college involves a lot more than drinking, studying and watching football. Money is a huge factor, as well.

Lack of financial resources is one of the top reasons students fail to enroll and graduate from a university.

While difficulty paying for school causes a large part of our population to not attend college, around 2 million college students don’t even apply for financial aid that is available to them, typically due to the financial aid application process being confusing and time-consuming.

So, MTV and The College Board Advocacy & Policy Center decided to do something about it. They’re holding a competition where students can propose innovative digital tools that will help simplify the financial aid process.

The winning team will get $10,000! So…find out more info (such as deadlines, other prizes, etc.) here: MTV Get Schooled Sweepstakes

Chair Carl Fergus is looking to enter with University Affairs Committee. If you’re not already involved, email him at to find out ways to help out!

Getting involved in this competition will boost your resume, expand your brainstorming and teamwork skills, and help students get through the daunting FAFSA!

Happy Homecoming Badgers!

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