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Split Council :D

October 20, 2010

Back once again for our weekly Student Council meeting. Everyone seems rather dressed up today…apparently I missed the memo! Ah well. Also! It was already pitch black outside before this meeting started. It’s a sign! Winter’s on its way!!!…well, that and the fact that it’s getting really, really cold out…

Tonight is a very exciting night! After Student Council, the Student Elections Committee will announce the winners of the elections! Stay tuned for that!

Oh my goodness! Finance Chair Beemsterboer comes bearing Peanut Butter M&Ms…the question here is…will he share!?!

6:36PM Roll call. And we shall begin.

Open Forum: First off, Chief of Staff Tom Templeton.

He is giving an update on what he has been doing. His report will forthwith be included in Chair Brandon William’s report.

Kyle thanks Tom for introducing himself formally to everyone. He is looking forward to reading Tom’s report with great enthusiasm in the future.

Tom says he is working as closely as possible with many of the committee chairs, particularly Chair Polstein and in the future, Chair Uraga (Diversity Affairs).  Most of his work, however, deals with ASM Leadership-going to meetings for them, scheduling meetings, acting as an advisor and moving forward the goals and aims of ASM.

Kyle asks if there is anything Council can do to help Tom in his job?

Tom says yes. Brandon is the visionary leader looking forward. Vice Chairs looks side to side with issues such as United Council and supplemental issues. Tom looks inward to make things run more smoothly. Be that window to the ASM Leadership and that resource for other things.

Chair Hanley asks about Tom being ‘a window for ASM members in terms of setting up meetings with University officials and administration’?

Tom says yes of course! He has a lot of contacts he can help be a go-between for. He is willing to help all members with any issues or those in need of other resources.

Rashi Mangalick from WISPIRG is talking about the vote. They also raised a lot of money for a campus wide food drive to happen in the next few weeks.

Ely Gerbin from HOOFERS Ski& Snowboard Club is up to talk about the Snowboard Rail Jam-incredible event. At Memorial Union, they build a 3-story structure…20tons of snow and set up rails…it happened last November, it even rained, but was an amazing event! Went around and worked hard to find other sponsors and funding. Need help from ASM for funds. Goal after the event, working to continue to book sponsor for the next year. That way they don’t have to rely on finding a $30,000 donation for this event. Hopes Council will approve the financial support. They will bring in well over 3,000 students…great way for them to share their passion with campus.

Fergus: Last year ASM gave a little over $6,400 but this year asking for more?

Last year they were able to more easily fund it from their club but this year they don’t have those funds. Still looking for potential sponsors everywhere they can get.

Hanley: What was total budget last year?

Raised approximately $21,500 for the event last year.

Hanley: Finance Committee approved $12,000 and you’re asking for $3,000 more on top of that…how much then?

HOOFERS is putting in about $10,000 (?) altogether approx $25,000 will go into this event.

6:51PM Rep Lizotte said they registered many hundreds of students to vote. Working on other ways to ‘Get Out the Vote’. Doing an event called ‘Trick or Vote’-dressing up and going door to door to give voter information. Talk to the Vote Coalition for more information.

6:53PM Open Forum closed. Motion to adopt agenda.

Beemsterboer would like the grants to be taken up tonight so the groups may get their funding for their events as soon as possible.

Chair reports.

Diversity: Missed 2 chair reports. He is sick. Will be back soon.

Finance: Seeing grants tonight. Tomorrow meeting at 5PM internal conference room.

Legislative Affairs: At the District 77 Candidate Forum tonight! Very exciting.

Shared Gov: ‘Lots has occurred’. Appointed 10 members to Chancellors Student Leaders panel. Ask him for more details. He had record attendance of over 70 people at his meeting last week. Pretty big step forward. However, not set up to handle that volume of people…thinking more specifically on ways to handle different issues. Tomorrow’s issue is the anti-bullying campaign-identify committee members that can take it to different University boards. Want to make sure that Council members know how important the Shared Gov director’s roles are in this.

Noms Board: Looking to fill the Financial specialist position.  Meeting at 9:30AM on Monday.

SACGB: Absent due to midterm

University Affairs: Looking at collaborating with Shared Gov on various issues.

Chair Report:Last week took a ride-along with UWPD-5 hours long. Learned a lot. Couple things he was pleased about was their approach to underage drinking-look for dangerous things that are going on. Though thought they might have spent a little too much time on traffic violations. Other than that, doing a lot of work getting financial position hired-process moves quickly. UC is this weekend-will be networking there. Goal next week to get Tenant Procurment committee off the ground…contact Brandon for more information.

Vice Chair: His ride-along was also very useful. His officer didn’t really focus on traffic violations, though they pulled over a drunk-driver at 2AM. But it was useful to see how they handle campus safety, etc. Met with the Chancellor 2x today. Engage students in the conversation. University branding, imaging and recruitment. What’s the image the University is conveying, etc. Re-think about those things and work on messaging. Those things and others have been his focus. Also, UC is this weekend. There is a 2 person waigin list for UC, but would need another vehicle and hotel room.

All Council members not attending this one or the one in June are required to attend the UC event in December or receive an unexcused absence. Clever budgeting will be needed however to have all those members go.

SJ: Elections will be finalized in about 10minutes-very excited about that. Received complaints from WISPIRG and CFACT this week. Panels were set up. There will be hearings soon. Dealt with a couple elections minor details-everything worked out smoothly.

SSFC: Will be presenting his SSFC Plan at the next 2 meetings. Strategic Plan next week, then Campus Services Fund will be the week after that. Then voting will occurring the following week.


Student Print Bylaw Update introduced as new legislation. It mainly moves back a deadline from January to March, after a printing rush.

ASM Chief of Staff Reporting Bylaw-to increase accountability and transparency in reporting.

Old Business:

SJ Budget Bylaw Changes approved by unanimous consent.

7:30PM On to HOOFER Ski& Snowboard Rail Jam Event

Beemsterboer: Thinks this is reasonable.

Fergus: Is FInance Committee acting as a last resort for funds for groups when they can’t find anything else?

Beemsterboer: Not necessarily. Its expected though that when groups come, they have shown reasonable effort to find alternative funding first. It is looked well upon.

Fergus: Reduce the funding to what it was last year. Its ASM’s job to contribute, not how much the group needs.

Manes: I disagree. We provide this money so groups can have these events. If we cut it, they might not be able to even have the event. Its an issue, but the Finance Committee felt it was an adequate amount and brought it to Council. The FInance Chair feels it’s an appropriate amount. I don’t think we should override that, and jeopardize the event.

Hanley: Why is the budget $4,000 higher than last year? Would they be able to have successful event with the $12,000 allotted by Finance, without the additional $3,000.

Gerbins: This is a community event. Put on by HOOFERS but not just for members. To share with the community and bring to campus this great event and their passion! Last year, tons of people stuck out in the rain and cold to watch this event. Want to continue sharing their passion for winter sports.

As for the budget…last year the company they worked with was able to link to a similar event in the area so they got a discount price on the rails and set up, etc. This year, transitioning and have less money to work with. Need to ask ASM for more funds…Had a lot more impressive things to say about the event and all the planning that has taken place for it…

Johnson: While it is too high for my liking, I would rather not see the money go to waste. I would encourage the group to seek more money elsewhere next year; but in the interest of perpetuating student events, I’m ok with voting for $12,000 but not $15,000.

Hanley: They spoke to being able to have the event with $12,000 and that’s what Finance approved them for. Im not comfortable with adding $3,000 to that. $12k is a lot of money. Not usually comfortable with funding this high of a grant; encourage the group in the future to budget a little different when they know they aren’t allowed to receive first year grants anymore.

Few more general details discussion.

Call to question.

Approval at $12,000. ‘Aye’. APPROVED.

7:51PM Travel Grant: Project Implementation on Lingira Island Travel Grant (Its in Africa)

$5,000 to send students on the trip next June.

Rep Kuo: How many students are involved in the EDGE project?

Beemsterboer: 8 students going on this trip.

EDGE Project Spokesperson: Sustainable International Development. Partnered with an island community in Uganda. Working with leaders on the island, researched projects that will benefit the community. Requested a little over $13,000…members expected to pay some of the funds out of pocket. Room and board is $80 a day. Have that funding through fundraisers they do over the year. 4 teams-agriculture, environment, empowerment and health and wellness team. 2 people per team (male and female to reach out to different members of the community). Grant approved for $5,000 for travel. They are seeking out other grants. Not sure if they will get them.

Hanley: Speak to why $5,000 was decided?

Beemsterboer: Based on their ability to seek other funding sources. Doing fundraisers. Have a plan to do a banquet. Those things looked on favorably.

Williams: Is there a larger number of grants having to come to Council this year than last year?

Beemsterboer: I think this time last year about 4 had come forth. This is the 5th this year.

Williams: Whys that?

Beemsterboer: Requests have been higher.

RECESS FOR ELECTIONS PRESS CONFERENCE. Results to be posted after the Council meeting.

8:12PM Call to order.

Call to question. Approved. Call for unanimous consent. Objection. Roll call.


Motion to adjourn.

8:15PM Adjourned. Closing role.

Stay tuned for the election results!!! Have a great night. Stay warm 🙂

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