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No Liveblog!?!?..But no, that’d be too scary

October 27, 2010

Hey ladies and gents and welcome to your weekly Student Council meeting. The new freshmen reps are present! Other exciting highlights include, but arent limited to: the Webmaster position! and the UC Requirement bylaw change. And without further ado and with Vice Chair Suave Johnson presiding….

Also! Shoutout to my little sister Bernadette who is tuning in tonight 😀 Great to have you with us.

6:30PM Roll call. Great turnout on this cold and windy night!

Sam Seering (a freshman who ran in the elections) is talking about some initiatives he has outlined for Student Council. Highlights are: 24hr Library Initiative (which I believe University Affairs is currently working on) Course Accessibility Initiative, University Involvement, Student Internship advising service and an Open Government Initiative.

Council members are questioning his initiatives for further clarification. Seering wants to see a more direct effort targeted towards different student organizations. Here’s a little sneak-peek secret for you all: I am looking for volunteers to the Press Office. I believe I shall be contacting young Seering to further discuss his initiatives and their implementation. Check back for updates!

6:39PM Hanley says a lot of the issues on his list are ones that have been looked at in Shared Governance. She questions whether he is aware of this and would like to speak outside of the meeting?

Kyle seconds this. He explains Shared Gov sits on various University committees. Does Seering really want Student Council to take this up? Why is it being brought up as a Student Council issue?

Seering said he brought it forth to the main governing body to reach all levels of ASM.

6:46PM Dan Posca says to Council he has stepped down from UC. Adam Johnson has been elected as the new representative. Congratz!

Fergus gives some updates on UC. Also, has been created .Sign up and post on the boards!

So, Im currently sitting at the table for Student Council. And the photographer is clicking wwwaaayyyyy too close to comfort for me. I definitely don’t want to see myself in the paper tomorw!

Wait until Friday to buy your groceries! From the speaker who just spoke, apparently buying groceries from about 3PM–? and 50% of the proceeds will go towards making Fresh Market more sustainable.

6:53PM Adoption of the agenda. So thusly adopted. Minutes approved.

Reports of the chairs.

Martin Uraga says he has been absent for the past few weeks and he apologizes. He has been very sick. But he’s back! He did take a stipend cut for his absence.

Beemsterboer: gives out grants. Done giving out travel grants for the semester. Reached it a little earlier but its working out ok. Last Thursday with Council members to discuss the Creative Works Fund and hope to have legislation ready soon.

Polstein District 77 Candidate forum was successful last week. UC was good as well. Working on HOUSING FAIR advertising. Facebook event will be created soon so invite all your friends!  November 16th in Memorial Union in the Great Hall from 3-6PM here will be the FIRST ANNUAL HOUSING FAIR. Approximately 45 big leasing companies will be there. It will be largely informational. Look for more updates!

Nichols said they have been working on hiring a financial specialist, the position was offered to someone who has till noon tomrw to respond. Also looking at filling the open positions on committees.

Kyle has been working lately with Shared Gov on the LGBT bullying issue. Would also like members of Council to attend his Thursday meetings.

Ziebell said they are looking over their internal structure and also working with the intern on art.Had a meeting to discuss bigger safety and job issues and responsibilities for floor manager.

Fergus has endorsed the 2nd 24hr Library idea. Moving forward on that. Also setting forth a forum on advising. Want students to come share their ideas to make changes. Have suggestions or want to get involved with the event, let Carl know! <Lots of general questions about interest and funding>

Vice Chair has done lots of things. Read report.

Fifield said the panels for the WISPIRG and CFACT cases are set and shall be holding pre-trial hearings. Also VC Justice Hogan suggested some interesting things at their meeting last night which cased some debate on how SJ looks at evidence and holds hearings.

Manes is up to give his Strategic Plan presentation. Interesting. Manes instructs Council members to close their laptops out of respect for his presentation. He allows mine to stay open. Yay!


Manes starts with ‘Why are we all here?’ Because we have a vested interest in this University.

The Wisconsin Idea: the principle that education should influence and improve people’s lives beyond college.

Goals: Strive to meet greater need with broader depth. Meeting the needs of more students. Staying true to the constituency. Commit to serving everyone. Even those not involved.

Talks about the current system we have. And what the best possible system could look like. Need to balance everyone’s needs and desires.

Goes into the history of how things have been pre 2000 till now. (Think Southworth case.) Onto the MCSC ridiculousness of the early 2000s when they were approved over a million dollar budget. Budgets out of control.

And getting into the Strategic Plan. Need to plug the holes on funds. Provide any missing services. Discusses Campus Services Fund. College Student Council Fund-promote interaction and collaboration among RSOs. Promote professional involvement and development outside of the classroom.

Manes is laying out some of the dates for the timeline on this plan. For further questions, contact Matt Manes


Time for Q&A. Manes discussing the cost for the plan and who it would involve.

8:23PM More Q&A clarifying points of the Strategic Plan.

Close Q&A. Onto Introducing new legislation

The Webmaster Position Budget Change as well as the UC Requirement Bylaw change are rather self-explanatory and will be further discussed next week.

8:37PM Student Print Bylaw Update approved by unanimous consent.

Onto ASM Chief of Staff Reporting. Discussion on which amendment is to be passed.

Junger wants to amend the legislation to say “Report of employees under the office of the Chair.”

Fergus cleans up the language.

Junger suggests postponement until the language is specified and cleaned up.

I would like to take this moment to note my little sister believes I am becoming less sarcastic. This is not ok with me. I shall strive to become more sarcastic in the near future. Also! Peanut butter M&Ms were present at this meeting, compliments of Chair Beemsterboer.


ASM Chief of Staff reporting will return next week.

Motion to adjourn. Closing roll.

Next week, the Freshmen reps will attend their first meeting as official members of Council. Tune in to see their last names and commentary right here!

Its currently a balmy 43 degrees and winds at 29MPH. Please, for your well-being, say indoors and remain productive tonight. (Productive here meaning: Movie, hot chocolate, a good book…and potentially catching up on any hw you have been procrastinating on.)

As always, its been grand. A loud “Good Night” to my little sister from myself and several other well-wishers from Council 😛

Check back in soon for more updates. And…enjoy your Halloween weekend!!!

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  1. Alyssa permalink
    November 3, 2010 9:19 am

    This post mentions the ridiculous of the early 2000s and how MCSC was approved a 1 million dollar budget. Just for clarification the budget proposal was $1 million, but the actual approved budget was not $1 million, it was half that.

    • Alyssa permalink
      November 3, 2010 9:20 am

      Also, in talking about MCSC (which is a GSSF group), I thought the CSF didn’t affect GSSF groups so why would the CSF address the issue of groups applying for “out of control” budgets?

      • asmadame1 permalink*
        November 3, 2010 9:26 am

        The CSF doesn’t affect GSSF groups. The Strategic Plan goes over ways to stabilize funds and ‘plug the holes…Provide any missing services,’ that aren’t provided sufficiently on campus. And there are hundreds of RSOs (registered student organizations) that are NOT GSSF groups, and those are the organizations that the CSF addresses.
        For more information contact Matt Manes.

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