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November 3, 2010

G’evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to tonight’s special: November’s first Student Council Meeting!

Items on tonight’s agenda include:

Intro of New Legislation: 20th  Film Festival Grant, ASM Internal Budget, and the Campus Services Fund.

Old Business to be concluded: StudentPrint Bylaw Update, ASM Chief of Staff Reporting, Webmaster Position Budget Change, and the UC Requirement Bylaw Removal.

Tonight should be fun and entertaining, as always, so hold onto the hats you managed to save from last week’s windstorms and we’ll get started soon!

So because of the sudden influx of membership to Student Council…it is ridiculously hot in here. Lots of new faces, this is pretty exciting folks! And in other exciting news, I still have a seat at the table!

Alright, let’s rock and roll!

6:34PM Roll call.

Open forum: First up an update from Chair Brandon Williams on the Strategic Plan. Chair Williams presented this plan at the beginning of the semester to highlight goals and initiatives for ASM and its committees this semester and year.

To start, Chair Williams is highlighting the successes and goals accomplished up to this point from each of the committees.

Legislative Affairs has taken on an awesome amount of issues and initiatives. A big one at the moment is Medical Amnesty. They have also been working on the Housing Fair; the Gubernatorial debate. And much, much more!

University Affairs rebranded itself from ‘Academic Affairs’. They challenge UW toto create financial aid helper tool. Working to advocate for another 24-hr library. And also much more.

Shared Governance has been on a roll like crazy this semester. They are working on messages and stances they can take to be more active on campus. They have had record attendance this year.

Diversity Committee is struggling a little but the truth is Student Council needs to be more cognizant and supportive to help get the committee back on its feet. They are also working on SOAR programming. They are also working on many more issues. Check back for updates.

Other projects: ASM Foundation; Tenant Contract; Campus Safety-new initiatives coming to Council in a few weeks: ASM Express, Downtown Lighting, Medical Amnesty; Student Vote 2010

Creative works fund; Internal Budget Reform; UC and Student Rep Constitution Merger.

SSFC has been working on funding overhauls, Campus Services Funds and their own strategic plan.

Student Judiciary has turned itself into one of the more effective parts of ASM. Increased record keeping. Turned around their whole committee.

Still more to come…Biennial Budget campaign; Review of funding models; Creating budgets for the 18th session; ABTS conference and national priorities; Real Talk forums/ more diversity work; SACGB space allocations; Badger Partnership involvement; etc.

Williams open to questions.

Zinn asks about ways the Press Office is working on recruitment. Well Jonah, I’m glad you asked. Williams explains we are working on Freshmen Presentations, going into the dorms to actively talk to students about involvement and opportunities within ASM. Check back soon for more updates on that.

6:47PM Announcement: UC is coming up Dec 3-5th. All interested members need to talk to VC Johnson ASAP.

Junger has an announcement…he is the VP of Wisconsin Student Lobby. With the elections the past few weeks, they didn’t do much lobbying. But now that elections are over they are going to hit the ground runnin’.They are holding their general membership meeting Tuesday Nov 9th. Contact Tyler Junger for more information.

Onto swearing in of new members. About 9 new members, that I can see at a quick glance. They are all repeating after Chair Williams, in monotone voices…to swear themselves on to Student Council. Yay new members! Congrats and welcome to the team. Enjoy the ride!


Chair Williams gives a general announcement about the next several meetings. These meetings will be intense meetings covering the Internal Budget and other important items. Williams cautions Student Council to be professional and understand the gravity of the situation.

Moving things around on the budget. Just switching up the order to be more cohesive. It is still reeaallly warm in here. Whilst we wait for the adoption of the agenda…did you know, that a full-grown tree produces enough oxygen to support a family of four? Well yes. It can and does. Snapple is very informative on these things. Lovely.

6:58PM On to reports of the Chairs.

Diversity says things are changing and started to move along. The past month has been hard but its lookin’ up. Lots of work is being set up for future plans.

Finance committee. No new news. Grants, grants and more grants. Woo!

Legislative Affairs hitting the ground running after elections. Housing Fair and advertising to get the word out. Join the Facebook group! Talk about it to your friends! Also working hard on talks for Medical Amnesty. Also working this semester on contacts at the Capitol. Making connections so that it is more student friendly and also making headway with the governor’s office.

Noms Board has been working on filling in open positions.

Shared Gov jumping on to other areas of campus. Lots to come in the near future.

SACGB business as usual. Mixer/feedback session tomorrow night for tenants of the building. To improve the experience of students in the building. Working on hiring the floor manager position by Thanksgiving.

University Affairs said a survey about financial literacy was sent out in the e-newsletter Monday morning. Check your emails! Take the survey! Or go to the Facebook page for ASM and click the link there.

Chair says the website being updated is a top priority. Check his report for more info.

VC says the UC event is in December at Marshfield. Need to get hotel reservations in by FRIDAY. Please let him know if youre interested in going. Other initiatives in the works. One is the ASM Express. Cabs ran exclusively by students–lot of cost and logistical issues. Still in the research process. Starting to look into a library shuttle at least; for students leaving the library early in the morning. VC proposes getting golf carts-only place they can go are to the dorms.

–>Madsen said the reason for the ASM Express was to cut costs of cabs. Would library shuttle even take out a lot of SAFEcab users or be a supplemental service?

VC Johnson not sure yet. Still working on details and research. Might be a good idea to look into as a student service opportunity. Open to ideas going forward.

Golf carts!?!? Genius! I vote ‘YES”. Though…the tiny detail that I don’t exactly have a voting right on this committee is a slight problem. I shall use my powers of peanut butter M&M persuasion 🙂 Also the current talk about the drivers of these cabs might potentially be SAFEWalk students. Or opening it up as a University job. Cool! I have a great driving record. Count me in!


–>Fifield asks about the fact that this would be in below-freezing weather in Wisconsin during winter…was this considered?

VC Johnson opened to Polaris-styled Gators..essentially a four-wheeler with a back seat. Interesting…

More general discussion on alternative vehicles and resources for this project.

Close Q&A.

7:24PM Board of Regents meeting tomorrow and Friday. Governor elect Scott Walker will be there and Chair Williams is hoping to talk to him

Student Judiciary says business as usual.

Onto approval of the 20th Polish Annual Film Festival Grant for $5,957.

–>Smathers asks about the student participation to this event.

Beemsterboer yields the floor to the group.

–>Students, UW faculty and staff and members of the Madison community will be coming to the event. Its a big deal.

Manes asks if the level of this grant is appropriate.

Beemsterboer says yes.

Plaman wants to know about the program supplies line item for $2,500.

–>A group member is handing out a sheet to further explain. Supplies are movie film rentals (5) films, extraneous charges for the technician fee etc. Films have to be put into a projector machine and operated.

In the original grant, travel and lodging were cut down due to further research of lower alternative costs, according to Beemsterboer.

–>Discussion of number of ‘unique’ attendees.

Move into debate. Called to question. Seconded. One opposed. Group has been approved for a grant at $5,957.

7:34PM Onto FY12 ASM Internal Budget.

Alright, I’m apologizing in advance. This will be a lot of number crunching and I am not guaranteeing I’ll get everything. Questions, comments, concerns….come in and ask questions!

Brief overview:

–>Support for Students and Student Orgs-Requested 1.36% Decrease

Includes grant money, services, staff budgets, the ASM Textbook Swap, Tenant Support Services Contract, and the Tenant rating website. Significant changes are a $15,000 decrease in Grant Allocation Website, decrease in Book Swap overhead, and a $5000 increase in the Creative Works Fund.

–>Leadership Development and Programming-Requested 44.88% Increase

Payment for committee chairs, hourly employees, and training for ASM Leadership. Also included is general ASM programming and general travel. Contains the two Full-time positions for non-administrative academic staff-Campus Organizer and ASM Lobbyist.

–>Administrative Functions-Requested 2.24% Decrease

This part of the budget largely covers overhead costs. Office supplies, printing and advertising costs; technology costs.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list of what is included in these categories. Merely an overview. Cheers!


Hanley wants to know about the lobbying position.

Williams says to have an ASM lobbyist registered at the Capitol, there are fees and this would cover it.

–>Smathers wants to know about why the Tenant rating website hasn’t gotten off the ground in the past few years?

Williams says the issues are the logistical nature of getting it off the ground and then maintaining it. Theres no one to specifically assign the project to, to run it. Sustainability is also an issue.

–>Smathers, why uncertainty about the sustainability?

Williams said it might need the creation of a person to oversee it. Don’t want to create this website and then let it go. It needs to be monitored otherwise it might turn negative.

–>Zinn: wants the Grant Allocations website support?

Williams: help with the grant process. Streamline process. Increase efficiency of grant application process. Process underway.

Discussion of the lobbyist position. There are a lot of details to work out. Even the name might be changed to Legislative liaison. Other issues involved with the position.

Williams: Effective lobbying is creating permanent relationships with the Capitol. But also he encourages students to be lobbying as well. Create that connection, network.

–>Plamann: looking at housing and tenant line items 18 and 19. wants to know if it could be run through the CSF.

Williams said there is no CSF yet BUT they have had discussions on using money from there is it goes through.

–>Plamann wants to know about the decrease in the Book Swap funds.

Fergus says the money was for scanners and other technology. Those items have been purchased.


–>Kyle asking lots of questions. I just noticed he’s rockin’ the ‘stache. No-shave November, huh? I’ll keep you posted on the status of that…

–>Kyle asking about the travel line item.

Williams said the funds are being used up. Need the money to establish a presence. Have to say no to non-Council members who want to come on trips if the money isn’t there.

–>Kyle wants to know the procedures in going forward in the lobbyist position? Ton of questions and issues there. Wants to talk about it more. Have that discussion.

Williams says if anyone wants to talk about this position in greater depth to talk to him or Adam Johnson. Said last year they approved positions they didn’t have job descriptions for and he does not feel that is appropriate. Wants to fully flesh out the lobbyist position, but isn’t sure if a complete proposal can be brought forward. However, if you agree with the position and the general job description itself, then it should seriously be considered.

Manes says SSFC won’t be hearing the budget until January so there are 2 months to flesh out the position.

–>Fergus wants to know about co-sponsoring events-Student Org Fair (line item 9) and co sponsorship of MCOR-(10)

Williams says is incredibly important and valuable to continue sponsorship in these items; they are relatively cheap and cost effective

–>Fergus asks about advertising and marketing line items being decreased.

Williams says no. That money is being used and has lots of potential.

–>More talk on the lobbyist position. accountability. the position itself. the role of other staff and advisors.

Benefit of full-time lobbyist being the relationships created. Representing 42,000 students/constituents and being a solid, on-going voice in keeping that connection. Institutionalized component to full-time lobbying. Also, be able to train students on lobbying. Real benefit of someone permanently institutionalized into representing students at the city, state and national levels.

Move to 5 min recess.


More lobbying discussion. Suggestion to use the next few weeks to fully work out the concept.

–>Cody Ostenson talks about the webmaster position and grad student position. General discussion about the fund.

Q&A closed. See this budget next week for debate.

Move onto the Campus Services Fund presentation of SSFC Chair Manes.


Strategic Plan: Plug the holes, bring back missing services, safeguard the current ones and introduce new ones.

With this fund, trying to fill a NEED on campus. Making sure everyone has what they need to be a successful student on campus. What are the most fundamental basics we as a student body can’t do without? Focus on providing to all of campus, not just individual student groups. Staying true to entire constituency.

Provide ASM a mechanism by which to actually accomplish its goals in serving students.

Setting out a formal framework.

Discussing the framework and discussions about putting this together. This has been a 2-year evaluation process. 7 page document, double-sided just handed around to Council members. For a copy, check the website for a digital copy or come into the office. Provides a comprehensive view of the CSF.

How the process essentially works: *IDEA*! –>Create a proposal; include general structure, goals, costs, how things would get done–>Student Council hears proposal; approves; sends to SSFC–> SSFC holds proposal hearing; determines whether to move forward. Council deals with the overall idea while SSFC handles logostics. Balance and checks. –>If proposal adopted, goes to the Procurement Board, small group of students who can answer all questions and logistics. Form, outline characteristics; services needed (Procurement board made up of 1 ASM Officer, 1 Council member and 1 SSFC member. At-large students may then be appointed) –>Procurement Board shall evaluate, based on specific guidelines, how best to put on the service (ASM does it, student groups, contract etc) What they decide dictates different formats of what forwarded proposal to SSFC looks like–>Goes to SSFC. Can veto or approve.

8:49PM Three ways: Contracted; ASM does it; Student group provides service.

Detailing specifics on how those 3 branches would work out. Also detailing the list of criteria determined by the bylaws. Check for specifics by picking up the packet in the office.

Additional components: Priority for SAC Space. CSF Administrative Budget. Built in review process. Fixes Contract Status bylaws.

Concerns to address: Fiscal Implications-->Popular sentiment-are seg fees too high? Minority Voices–>Power to bring something forward and represent needs and wants of this campus. Students have the responsibility. NonVPN–>Isn’t a forum for expressive speech. Funding explicitly outlined SERVICE not student orgs.



Williams reads from a conversation between him and Manes about the idea as a whole; what it means as an idea as a whole and how Student Council members that fit into the organization as a whole.

This proposal brings a lot of positive components to ASM programming.

Also, just a tiny detail, Chair Williams has NOT chaired this meeting. Johnson has done a lovely job. Williams explained this is because he has worked so long on this with Manes that he didn’t feel it would be fair to Chair and be in on the presentation and introduction at the same time.

–>Hmm…discussion of rogue SSFC Chairs. Manes essentially explains there are a lot of checks, but if there is a rogue Chair…there are other problems that need to be addressed.

Williams and Manes talking about timelines and deadlines for proposals.

Discussing a more specific, hypothetical situation to further clarify for Student Council about how this process works.

9:31PM More general questions about the specifics of the criteria. Honestly, not much to type down here. Email your questions, comments or concerns to SSFC Chair Matthew Manes:

Now working out how the checks and balances and overrides were put in place as a mechanism.

9:47PM Still on Q&A. More general informational questions.

So. Hi dear audience. How are you? Its been awhile. I’ve noticed a decline in readership. This is really and truly unacceptable. We’ve increased postings! That’s supposed to generate continued readership! And none of you have taken advantage of our food cabinet and come into the office to chat. Really, we’re friendly people. And the Assistants don’t bite… at least they haven’t so far.

Whilst we’re waiting for something substantial to keep writing about, what are your thoughts!? What do you think of ASM? How’re we doing so far this year? Any ideas or concerns? Any blog post subjects you’d like to read about?! Lemme know!


Old Business: Student Print Bylaw Change. Approved by unanimous consent.

ASM Chief of Staff Reporting. Approved by unanimous consent.

Webmaster Budget Position Change-Chair Williams moves to postpone until next week; still working out some of the details. Thusly postponed.

UC Requirement Bylaw Removal.

–>Manes: “Please don’t make me go back.”

–>Fergus: I think that I would rather allow the space for students who actually want to go, to be able to go with the funds we have instead of forcing Council members to go when they aren’t taking advantage of it.

–>Kyle: I agree with Carl. I mean, we should be participating in this but with the talk during the budget and knowing we turn people away because of funds…though we could amend it to saying the SSFC Chair is required to go.

<General laughter>

Roll call vote. Correct response: Aye, Nay, Pass. (NOT “I…don’t know.)

15-2-5 Passed.

10:14PM Motion to adjourn.

Closing roll.

Hope you all had fun as we start out journey through the budget season. Check back soon for updates and events and some EXCITING NEWS coming up. And now…I iz hungrees!

Have a lovely night and we’ll chat later. Cheers!

Bradley Board meetings are facilitated by me, and are attended by the student leaders and the House Fellows of our community (which is comprised entirely of freshmen).  Talking to this group of people is a great way to get the word out about ASM, as they are those most likely to spread the word about involvement opportunities around campus.  Bradley Board meetings start at 7pm, and take place in our Social Basement – I’d be happy to meet you outside the Residence Life Office, which is right off of our entryway, on the 17th to help you find it.  If it’s okay, I’d prefer not to use PowerPoint at the meeting, but you are of course welcome to hand out any information you’d like to.  Thanks so much, and let me know if you have any questions!
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  1. November 3, 2010 6:01 pm

    I believe Junger meant that the general elections were yesterday, not that WSL held its elections yesterday.

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