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SC Liveblog: We’re back!

January 19, 2011

Download tonight’s agenda by clicking here.

6:30: Roll Call

Open Forum:

Marie Puissant, Press Office Director: All advertising and mass emails from ASM must be signed off by the press office before going out, in order to reduce mass emails. We need volunteers to help set up the student org fair next Wednesday. Our ASM Kick-Off is next Thursday, with a “Happy Birthday SAC” theme. There will be cake and Bucky. We’re getting ASM polos that you’ll have to pay for yourselves.

Chair Brandon Williams: Hours spent working for the Student Org Fair will count toward required recruitment hours.

  • Adam Johnson: What’s the agenda of the Spring Kick-Off?
  • Puissant: Check out the Facebook event
  • Johnson: What kind of cake?
  • Puissant: We’re thinking marble
  • VandenLangenberg: Do we have to send solicitation emails through the press office just for recruiting people?
  • Williams: Yes. We won’t necessarily be changing what you’re saying, but it has to go through us.
  • Sarah Neibart: How are you advertising the kick-off?
  • Puissant: Ad in the Herald, Facebook event, mass email, Facebook ads

Sam Polstein: The Chancellor will be coming on the 24th at 6PM to talk about the Badger Partnership. She will talk to us from 6-8, and after that we will have a feedback session. Check out the Facebook event. Additionally, I will be missing every other council meeting due to a one credit class I’m taking.

Matt Manes: Tonight I’m proposing legislation to create a Special Tasks Group to develop a model for a Student Legal Services Center. You can view this proposed legislation on page two of the agenda.

  • VandenLangenberg: You and Brandon would appoint people to the committee– why?
  • Manes: We are realistically the two best people to be judging who should be on the committee.

Carl Fergus: I am against the idea of a Special Tasks Group. We shouldn’t create a committee to create a committee. Anyone who is interested in working on this should just get together and work on it.

Committee Reports:

Nichols, Nominations Chair: Let me know about open positions. I will be soliciting for new positions and conducting interviews over the next two and a half weeks.

VandenLangenberg, Shared Governance Chair: I was looking for people to be on the Shared Governance CALS Dean Search and Screen Committee and Nelson Institute Director Search and Screen Committee, but only one person volunteered.

  • Neibart: Do you think nobody responded because people were required to Skype in over winter break?
  • VandenLangenberg: I said we could do it however it was convenient, if it’s Skpe it’s Skype.

Katy Ziebell, SAC Governing Board Chair: We’re doing allocations for the SAC this week.It’s an open meeting.

Carl Fergus, University Affairs Chair: Andrew Bulovsky basically ran the text book swap while I was out of town, and he did a great job. We sold about $50,000 of books to students, meaning about $20,000 in savings for students.


Chair Williams: I went to the ABTS conference, and worked on conducting interviews for the financial specialist position that has been vacant for a while.

Vice Chair Johnson: I worked on the Big Ten Conference and United Council Convention, and organized preliminary details for the Big Ten on the Hill lobbying event in April. I also went to the ABTS conference and it was bittersweet to see that we’re not the only school having budget problems. It was very different than United Council, but both are essential to our organization. You can read details about the event on

Kate Fifield, Student Judiciary Chief Justice: We’ve been inactive over break, but I’m working on setting priorities for the semester, including designing new training processes and redesigning the way SJ organizes. There will be a lot of retooling. I’m also working on legislation to propose next week about attendance policies for SJ members. I find it inappropriate for me to attend these student council meetings because I feel uncomfortable participating in your business.

  • VandenLangenberg: Will this apply to all SJ members?
  • Fifield: Just the SJ Chief Justice.

SSFC Chair Manes: We’ve scheduled WISPIRG’s hearing to be in the first two weeks of February.

7:05 PM

Introduction of New Legislation:

a. Student Legal Services Center Endorsement (proposed by Manes and Williams)

Manes: This legislation is really just an endorsement of the idea of a student legal services center. It would say, we as student council like the idea, so go figure it out some more.

Williams: Coming back from the ABTS conference, a lot of schools said they already had something like this and found it to be incredibly useful. The reason why we want to form a committee is so that people have a job to do, and will do that job. When you just ask people to help out, it’s harder to get people involved. I think we need to see this in a positive light; sometimes Student Council becomes too obstructionist. We really need to take advantage of this and move forward with it.


  • Smathers: How is this different than the Legal Information Center?
  • Manes: A legal information center is much more limited in what it can offer.
  • VandenLangenberg: What other schools have this?
  • Williams: Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Michigan State, Northwestern
  • Neibart: Do you think it would be inappropriate for Manes to do this without coming to council first?
  • Williams: I don’t know if I would say inappropriate, but it would be against the spirit of what this body is.
  • Ziebell: What will you do if you can’t get space for this?
  • Manes: That’s part of the charge of the special task group– to figure it out.
  • Neibart: How do you know that the task group will be able to figure all this out?
  • Manes: Because I will be leading it.
  • Neibart: Don’t you think that’s going against the idea of the task force?
  • Manes: I can be the task master.
  • Williams: There’s a difference between leadership and unilateral decision-making.

GSSF “Recipient” Definition Clarification (proposed by Junger)

Junger: I got clearance from legal saying that this is a good idea. We need to pass this so that SSFC can move on with its process.

This legislation would redefine “beneficiaries” as individuals or groups that receive “programming” from a student group. The original definition of “beneficiaries” is “any individual or group who receives direct service(s) from the group.”

Manes: Every week we postpone this, I can’t hear WISPIRG.

Council voted to approve the bylaw change. They will be brought before council again next week.

The Greatest Anatomy of a Fighter Series Event Grant:

Beemsterboer: Council has to approve this event grant because it is over $5,000.

Council voted to approve the event grant.

7:30PM Meeting adjourned.

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  1. Ryan permalink
    January 19, 2011 7:46 pm

    Let them eat pig!

    But save some for me.

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