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ASM Denounces Governor Walker’s Proposed Bill

February 13, 2011

ASM Student Government Denounces Budget Repair Bill

Students against Governor Walker’s proposed bill

The Associated Students of Madison Coordinating Council, in an emergency meeting Sunday night, unanimously opposed Governor Walker’s proposed ‘Budget Repair’ bill and urged students to join in a rally against it at the Capitol this week.

According to Graduate Student Council Representative Kyle VandenLangenberg, he and all other graduate students will no longer have the legal or lawful ability to bargain the state for raises or benefits.

“The bill takes away our collective bargaining rights and public service workers’ rights in the state of Wisconsin,” VadenLangenberg said.

He added that through bargaining in the past, graduates secured tuition remissions, fair employment language that limited the amount of work a professor can demand of teaching assistants, and buy in options for health insurance.

The ASM recognizes the threat to the University of Wisconsin’s reputation if this bill were to pass.

As a top-tier research university, Vice Chair Adam Johnson said, UW needs the addition of the benefits and collective bargaining for graduate students in order to recruit and maintain quality graduate students.

“If we can’t recruit from a competitive pool of graduates, the overall reputation of the university would suffer. Undergraduates would have classes led by second-rate teaching assistants. It would even gradually decrease the value of a degree from this institution,” Johnson added.

In response to Walker’s bill, rallies have been scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, February 15th and 16th at the State Capitol at 11AM. The ASM urges students of UW to take part in the “Hands Off Our Teachers” rallies.

Chair Brandon Williams said this is an opportunity for all students, graduates and undergraduates alike, to stand up for our university and for higher education. It is a call to action to maintain the quality of our institution and the global academic standing of our university.

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For more information, contact:

Brandon Williams, ASM Chair

Adam Johnson, ASM Vice Chair

For the rally information, check out the Facebook event page.


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