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Hey, ho Budgets really got to go…through tonight :D

February 16, 2011

Hey guys! My lovely Assistant Rory Linnane spent the night at the Capitol, updating the blog on the Joint Finance Committee meeting last night. Soo…it’s only fair she has the night off.

You know what that means 😉 I’m back! Your amazing Press Office Director.

Ladies and gentlemen, lets get this Liveblog going. I may or may not be as organized as my Assistant…but I do offer more commentary. It’s a trade-off, really.

You’re excited now, I can tell.

Also, sad but true, due to the rallies this week, the Press Office wasn’t able to fully complete the Student Council Agenda Explainer. Here is the Student Council Agenda.

6:35PM Roll call. Oh hey, Council’s here. Great!


*Johnson: <updates on what’s happening at the Capitol> Joint Finance meeting tonight. Assembly meets Friday, so that is the earliest the vote will come to pass. Also, a lot of this bill affects the budget coming out next Tuesday.

Open Forum:

*A representative from UW-Eau Claire asks Council to support the walk out for tomorrow. “Students should move with their feet, vote with their feet-show with their feet they don’t support the bill.” Impressive he came on a bus to support the UW this week. Woo!

*Lizotte: Also asks for support for the walk out tomorrow. Supporting students in this effort. “Last couple days hasn’t been enough. Not a strong enough voice. A lot of the last few days has been organized by the labor unions. Now its time to show why students are concerned about this particular bill. TA’s will be hosting a ‘teach-out’ by canceling classes. Going to Capitol to speak. Rally at Humanities or College Library and then marching to the Capitol. Students allowed to speak tomorrow.”

Wow! I mean, I was at the rally on Tuesday…and dear readers…ok, story time. So I went to the rally Tuesday. I was impressed by the sheer numbers and support and signs of the labor unions. But the most intense moment for me came when the firefighters union showed up.

I don’t know if you know, but the firefighter’s union is exempt from this bill. They showed up, en masse, with signs stating “Firefighter’s Union support the Union laborers of Wisconsin”. Guys? I teared up. It was just incredible. But! My former roomie Sondra Milkie (College Dems) was practically sobbing…so I feel i kept my dignity well 😉 (Sondra don’t hate me!)

6:45PM More talk on the rallies. Talking about the TAs and professors role and classes being canceled. Discussions with faculty. Still a lot of planning in the works.

*Katrina: Not here to talk about the Capitol. Here to talk about an event grant that got approved last week by the Finance Committee. Want approval from Student Council tonight at the same level as the committee approved. 8th year this event has been held. 8,000 attend; up at Monona Terrace. The event has outgrown most other space on campus. Hope you guys fund it. Brings our community together. Largest break dancing event on campus as well. (Breakin’ The Law: International Festival of Urban Movement) thanks guys, I support you. I know you have a lot going on, a lot of different directions pulling you. So…I hope you stay healthy!

I don’t know about you, but I had Chipotle for dinner. Tomato salsa, fajita veggies, corn salsa, guacamole….all the good stuff!

*Katrina: Bringing in crews from China, Uganda, etc. and a Native American crew from OK. Like a UN of break dancing crews. Its really great. Talking how this form of dance can be used to create community action. This is really a different type of break dancing event. Completely free. Historically different-a lot of folks who have no clue about the culture, come and learn about it.

Folks just starting to research this, on what are the implications of having this on our campus to having it in future years. Dance doesn’t require a verbal language. Its body language. Its dialogue on multiple levels. Music, people, audience: people coming from everyone to battle!All different identities but they share the common language of this dance style. Relationships happen that might not happen before. Its a ‘lived’ culture. Also, opportunity to share in something many people like.

6:57PM 5 minute recess called by SSFC Chair Matt Manes.

7:02PM Continuing on Open Forum.

*Dan Posca: Wanted to thank you all for working the the TAs in the past few days. But I caution you about the walk out tomorrow. This could reflect poorly at large…the rallies are not working for a reason. That body doesn’t respond to that. There are many other ways to work with them. I think you guys need to be careful about how you’re going to pursue this. They’re not going to listen is there is a massive rally outside. Need a well-thought out, well-strategized. I emailed my professors saying I expect classes to be held tomorrow. I paid for them, I think it reflects poorly on professors to cancel them. That is my personal opinion so, thank you.

*Andrew B: This is the first time I’ve spoken in open forum. I want to address the mass email sent out last Friday afternoon to respond to Governor Walker’s bill. <Read’s an email sent from a concerned student about the ‘inflammatory’ language in the email and several incorrect facts.>

Also, Coordinating Council sent out an email Sunday night that I was not contacted about to respond to. I was ashamed to see our bi-partisan organization put forth these views. Its too early to tell. I understand the importance of advocating for student’s rights. But there was a rush. The use of our listserv to send that out…it was irresponsible. By supporting one particular viewpoint, is ASM going to start supporting individual candidates? We’re supposed to be bi-partisan. Representing both sides. Also, a walk-out!? ASM as a student government should never encourage students to skip class. That’s going too far.

*Kyle VDLG: Did you not receive the email about the emergency CoCo meeting for Sunday night?

*Andrew: I received it but I was unaware that I am allowed to even attend CoCo.

*Kyle VDLG: Are you aware you are allowed to attend? Is it our fault you didn’t know?

*Andrew: I was not aware. And it may be my fault.

*Sarah N: Are you aware you have voting rights on CoCo?

*Andrew: I was not.

7:13PM Open Forum continues. Next speaker.

*Carl: Who here has a TA? Who here goes to graduate school? Who here wants to go to grad school someday? Kyle has been working on this day and night for the past several days. I am so proud of him. We are supporting our UW, our graduate students, our TAs. <Sorry guys, he got really impassioned and I missed a bunch> We took a stance, we did the right thing and I have never been more proud of this organization.

*Brigham-Schmuhl: On a search and screen committee for a new Dean of CALS. Super important position. Been asked to use my social network to ask around…you are my social network. I encourage any of you who know a professor or administrator here or at other universities or someone not in academics who could meet the criteria to be a professor…any qualified candidates…we want to build a large pool of candidates to find the vest possible. I’ll email the job description to you all soon.

On my second note, about the rallies at the Capitol. There today and yesterday into the wee hours. Wasn’t afforded the right to speak. Being there for 12-14 hours ish, convinced me that the powers that be have  no respect for the position I have at this university. (For those unaware, he is the Graduate Rep to Student Council)I am contracted for approx 33.3 hours per week. I vastly exceed that because I want to be a good teacher. If there is breach on the contract that was afforded to me, I guess I’m going to have to start carrying a stop watch for all my graduate student hours. I’m going to have to. As for the walk out, I AM going to participate tomorrow.

*Sarah: How are you alerting your students you won’t be in class tomorrow?

*Brigham-Schmuhl: I am currently co-teaching and I think that person will be there tomorrow. I will continue to grade papers and do my job. I will be in contact to any students who need to get ahold of me tomorrow by email or by phone but I will not be on campus tomorrow.

*Kyle VDLG: Would you consider looking elsewhere for employment then our fine University?

*Brigham-Schmuhl: I mean I’ve thought about it…but I’m this close to my dissertation. (Talks more about his decision but not decided either way. Thanks for all your hard work! We appreciate it!)


*Beth Huang: Talks about the rallies, the time spent preparing for them. How hard everyone has worked; about the walk out….yes, I am para-phrasing.


*Mario: I am coming from the TA department in Geology. Unofficially, the Geology department may be closed tomorrow. I encourage you, in the strongest language possible, to stand in solidarity in the walk-out tomorrow. It has been endorsed by the lobbying arm of University professors, of UC, of UW-Eau Claire, of a number of student organizations. It’s a huge action. I’ve been awake for over 17 hours, after only 3 hours of sleep and 17 hours before that, so I apologize.

*Kyle VDLG: I apologize in advance, you will most likely have to extend my time… may be true that the email that went out was strongly worded. The draft was created by me, I drafted that language on my own, that is not the fault of ASM. We saw it at CoCo and we debated the merits. You all could have come to the meeting and say we were doing the wrong thing…you didn’t.

Want to clear up things the College Repubs have said. Also commentators who have been on the Badger Herald and Daily Cardinal websites.

First thing, the salaries for faculty and TAs are NOT protected. Health care costs go up. Contracts are handed to us that we are no longer allowed to negotiate. This will take us back to 1995. When UW-Madison was ranked as the WORST ranked for an institution for grad school. The 15 years since we got tuition remission and other benefits, you would be shocked how much this school has grown since then…and in ONE STROKE it will be taken away.

The College Repubs also wrote a bold-faced lie about health care packages. TAs will see an increase of 213%.

Now he is talking about public meetings. Issues at the Capitol. Lots of things that he is speaking too quickly to type…BE HERE! Sheesh.

We are meeting tonight on our Internal Budget. The campus is aware we have Student Council meetings every Wednesday at this time. They are aware we are passing our budget. They are aware it is their seg fees. And though they claim they care, they aren’t here. I don’t see how we are violating anyone’s rights. Students are given rights to be here and comment and be involved in this process.

We act in the best interest of campus. This year, in 17th session we have had a lot of things come forward that I don’t think are in the best interest of campus. That’s why we’re hear, to debate and decide in the best interest.

7:45PM Close Open forum.

Approval of Agenda.

*Kyle VDLG: I want to add a resolution for Student Council to support the Student Walk-Out tomorrow. Other campuses are in support. The faculty Facebook page says it. Chancellor Martin has said no legal action will be taken if faculty don’t hold class tomorrow. We must stand in solidarity. You have bodies all over the state supporting this already. These rallies will continues this week.

*Tyler: I agree the walk out is a good idea. It shows support for our UW and the value of our degree. It shows support to public services and our public service workers. I am going to read from the state statutes (Citing how the resolution is allowed to be added to the agenda though it wasn’t initially on the agenda.)

*Matt: I think we should add it.

*Adam Johnson: I can’t condone saying we must follow open meeting law…but open meeting law prohibits this. I technically agree with this but…Also I want to correct one thing, on the faculty page, UC did not vote on it…or if they did, I wasn’t invited to that meeting. I want to go n record as saying, being in this leadership role representing students. I can’t give a damn about the rest of the unions. I give a damn about our faculty and staff but in my official capacity I can’t overstep my bounds. My role stops where students role stops. I support our graduate students. They are students. There should be no qualms in protecting them. Though, if we go through with this, we need to make it explicitly clear, if we support this, that we are doing it to supporting STUDENTS. We need o clarify that our purview is supporting STUDENTS. We need to clarify that.

Let me para-phrase again. We can not add anything to our agenda without letting students know. There is an amendment that says we can add something, wait to hours to notify students and THEN bring out the resolution. They are debating if that is how they want to handle this.

*Brigham-Shmuhl: Its  not about the march to the Capitol. Its about students being informed as to what is going on with their teaching assistants. It affects them. It is informational and they should know.

*Kyle VDLG: I guess I agree. Letting them know about it. A toned down version…but its informational and spreading the information far and wide. Also, we could send out emails about another CoCo meeting on  Sunday. We could do what we do for all our other meetings. Post a public notice, post on Facebook…and whoever wants to come, like they come to SC, can come to that.

More discussion on the logistics of taking a recess to add the resolution. Whether or not its a good idea to add the resolution or just pass around the information.

*Carl: I don’t support endorsing students to not attend class. If we want to encourage students as individuals, fine. But this body, looking out for students and them having a quality education…I think if the Chair and Press Office want to send an email, then do it. But do not endorse this through this body.

*Melissa Hanley: I really do think this affects students. A lot can happen through students, social media and word of mouth. But I think it’s important we do something. I think its important we make it happen. It needs to be legal.

*Brandon: I just want to say that it would take a legislative action to pass a resolution to force me to send an email endorsing academic misconduct for the students on this campus.

*Tyler: lets all 19 of us say how we feel about it. Generally, don’t endorse as a body.

*Adam Johnson: I support it personally but I am hesitant to support any form of anything that could be construed as academic misconduct.

*Beth: This is worth skipping class for and I think we as a body should endorse that.

*Kyle VDLG: Everyone knows I support the walk out, I think you should be walking out. Whether you support this or not, I think you should walk out. If you have a TA who punishes you for walking out, you should report their name to the TAA, because I don’t think they’re legally allowed to do that. I think we should put it on the agenda, it will probably be about 2 hours before we get to it anyway. We an amend it, make the language less severe, let the student body know it is happening, en masse. if it is our role to be neutral, and I don’t think it is, but if that is our consensus, to be neutral…the student body probably already probably knows about this. Talking about unions now…

Students aren’t going to be missing anything by not going to discussion. They only listen to about 30% anyway. This is important. I am willing to sacrifice the image of this body to do that. My name is Kyle. Yes I will be participating in the walk out, though I don’t have any lasses to walk out of tomorrow. And I do support the idea of every person in this room starting to speak their mind about this right now in some orderly fashion. Even if you don’t support this, we are a body that listens. I’ll listen to you and try my best to be mature about.


*Brandon: Giving an overview of what we are doing for adding the resolution to the agenda. The motion requires a 2/3 vote to take it up tonight…that disregards whether it can actually be passed. Needs a 2-hour emergency meeting notice.

Call to question. Roll call. All those in favor of adding the resolution that ASM endorse the walk-out tomorrow at 10AM tomorrow…

I was going to comment on this. But…I shall abstain. Granted, being a senior and all, I’ll take all the ‘snow days’ I can get. I also am a huge fan of the democratic process and being a citizen of this US of A and participating in my rights. Think about this…which right do YOU support in this case? Being able to receive an education…or walking out on that education to ensure that education remains as valuable in the future…? Hmm.

15-3-1 Resolution added to the agenda. Now a 2/3 vote about whether it will be taken up tonight…

Motion to take up ALL agenda items tonight. (New Legislation shall all be taken up tonight.)

8:23PM Still re-arranging the agenda. Come on guys…lets get moving!

8:25PM Approval of agenda.

Onto appointing one person to Nominations Board. Questions on time commitment. And….in about 30 seconds, Rep Diaz has been appointed to Noms Board. Congratz!

8:29PM Recess to re-arrange agenda.


c. 17-0216-03 Breakin’ The Law: International Festival of Urban Movement

*Beemsterboer: This attracts a lot of students. We cut some of the funds in the travel line item. Otherwise, I think we should fund this.

*Savoy: This is a great event and I think we should approve this. Everyone who goes to this event, its open to everyone. I don’t see why you wouldn’t approve it. It really benefits our campus in so many ways. Support it please.

*Manes:I feel its appropriate given the grant. And I call to question.

….grant is approved by a chorus of ‘Ayes’.

Onto Resolution to Support the Walk Out tomorrow.

*Kyle VDLG: You all know how I feel about this. I would like an amendment to be as ‘informative’ but as neutral as possible. The original language is very encouraging. Any amendments would tone it down.

*Sarah: You say it should be as neutral as possible but in open forum you said we should be bi-partisan…how do you…

*Kyle VDLG: I think ASM should INFORM the student body of this walk out. With the endorsement part, I think its fine as it is and the papers can do with it what they want.

*Tyler; In almost any other situation, coming out in support of an issue like this I wouldn’t be in support of. But…talks about his time at the Capitol the past few days. The quality of our education at our UW will decrease if our TAs, faculty etc aren’t allowed to organize and collectively bargain. Sitting in a room and talking to legislators works sometimes. But not this time. We need to show them how many people will be hurt. How many people will lose the quality education here if they vote yes…there is no way we come out of this institution is this bill comes off. I plan on going to the Capitol to sleep there tonight and I invite you all to join me.

*Adam: Point of information…did Rep Junger just invite us all to sleep with him tonight? General laughter.

*Brandon: Please, please please do NOT have  me send out another mass email. We will tarnish our reputation with the campus moderates and indifferents if we send this mass email. I can do press releases, talk to the media, etc. But please do not have me send out a mass email.

*Carl: Reads an email from the Provost about not walking out on educational classes. I don’t think we as a body should tell students to skip classes. I really don’t want to, don’t advocate breaking University policy. Especially…when it is proper and not proper to miss classes. Please, don’t leave my own committee stranded before we get started on our work. It will hurt our credibility but also our relationship with the administration…negotiating about when students should be given excused absences etc.

*Sarah: You have to think about the students who elected. There is no way to say the majority of students support this walk out. As ASM it is not appropriate to send another mass email to endorse this. However, I will go door to door individually with any of you to do this, I think its great to engage students in the democratic process. If students don’t want to go to class, that’s their prerogative. Also, think about your name on these emails. Chair Williams has been the one having to deal with this. Think about that.

*Johnson: We’re fightint to preserve education. It’s ironic to have students walk out on their education, even for a day. I will be voting against this or in favor of an alternate resolution. I will tell all my friends to do it, but its not in the purview of this Council to do it.

*Hanley: I feel Williams pain in receiving angry emails. I can’t support this resolution as written. I would bring forth an amendment if I had any idea what to say, but I dont. I can’t stress how important this really is. There is nothing I have experienced while being here as important as this. We’re going to see another instance of this next week when the budget is put forth. Our big moment will probably be next week. Probably see a lot worse things happening to this University than already. If this is where we are going to start our fight, then we need to do that….there’s no reason not to do something….do need to do something. Maybe a press release…I know how seemingly worthless they can be but they are better than nothing.

Hey now! That hurts Rep Hanley. Whether or not I agree is another story…but really!? I work hard on those -.-

*Cody: This is a good place to start. If your philosophy does not include protecting our University, our students and our future, then I question why you’re here. This is at its core in protecting those things. This directly affects myself and my constituents at the University. I will be supporting this in whatever direction it takes because I believe we need to do something.

*Nichols: I agree with Rep Hanley we should do something. Its the future of our school! The competitiveness will get lost at this University. I don’t want to make people angry but think about the future, would you want to come here if this bill passes?

*Beemsterboer: I think an email should NOT be included in this legislation. I think we can pass this resolution and have ASM support it, but there are enough people on this campus that are getting the word out.

*Kyle VDLG:I didn’t put anything about an email in this legislation because I don’t want another mass email to be sent out. Says some smart alecky comments. We want to endorse this but…I want to go back and read from the Provosts email. How many people on this campus read beyond the FIRST LINE of these emails? This one says “We are AWARE some classes will be canceled” We know. Mk, have fun! We are advising, not telling, but ADVISING people…not telling them to skip class. ASM would just be endorsing. Then the email goes on to say it is the responsibility of INSTRUCTORS to have education OPPORTUNITIES>….I think this is there backhand way of saying we need to support our faculty. But if they wanted students to not do this, they would SAY it. But they are beating around the bush. All I want to do is say ASM endorses the walk out. There will be editorials, mass emails, Tweets, photos etc. The media part is being covered by the internet already, thank god for Al Gore…general laughter. Our mission is to protect higher education…cutting benefits of your TAs will degrade your education. It is imperative to take up the cause and say it’s not ok! This body needs to say there is a time and place where the people need to stand up and..the budget may need to be balanced but you can’t do it by hurting our education. We do need to balance the budget! I have great ideas how to do that…I wish they wouldn’t have cut off my democratic right to take last night..but they didn’t allow me to do that. I appreciate everyone in this room who have sacrificed hygiene and grades to support this.

*Manes: Well, I don’t have class tomorrow, its been canceled. I support this.

Call to question. All those in favor of endorsing the resolution that ASM endorses the walk out to take place at 10AM tomorrow February 16th, raise your placards.

10 in favor. 6 opposed. 3 abstain.

Resolution carries. Wow!

Old Business
a. 17-0202-01 Removal of 2 Year Student Council Term Limit

(From Student Council Agenda Explainer): “Currently, Student Council Representatives are limited to a two-year term limit. However, this is frustrating to committed students who have been involved in Student Council since freshman or sophomore year but are no longer allowed to serve on Council as upperclassmen. By abolishing the term limit rule, truly dedicated students as well as interested graduate students, are allowed to serve as long as they are committed.”

*Carl: Point is so Freshmen and Grad students can still be able to carry on in their capacity if they wish so.

General discussion. Really, this is pretty straight forward. You get the gist. And if you don’t…email me. I’ll send you a nice long email (Im great at ‘novel’s) and explain it to you further. Mmm, ginger snap cookies 😀

9:12PM My apologies dear readers, I have been sidetracked. 3 of my teachers emailed to say I don’t have their class tomorrow. 3 of 5. Enough said. And it’s only after 9PM…

Further amendments and clearing up of language for the term limits of Council members.

*Manes: Turnover in this body has been a huge issue in this body in the past. We can’t function effectively if turnover is so high. New leaders are great. If you train a leader and they walk away…you have no leader. Also, if youre going to be a leader on this body, you should have more than a year of experience! The idea that this power can be condensed, that people will be cronies and be on here forever, is ridiculous! Some people don’t make it a semester. Limiting the serving time limit for those who sincerely want to be on this body and continue to be elected, then you should continue to be able to be elected.

*Hanley: …we can find those with institutional knowledge without these measures. (Sorry, missed a bunch. Pay back for the press release comment? Perhaps…)

*Sarah: I don’t thin kyou should be on SC to be a chair. You should be on it for your constituents. It shouldnt be the intention to be on SC to become the Chair in the future. It shouldnt be a battle for leadership. We should be debating if students should be on THIS committee for more than 2 years to represent their constituents.

*Kyle VDLG: There is a great deal of literature by almost every single member of the government prior to 1850…wrote at length in personal memos that a government that does not have term limits is a necessary corrupt government. Not sure how much that applies, but it does to this body to a certain extent. If it is to apply mainly to Freshmen reps, I would be in more support of that. I trust Carl’s judgment on this, cleaning the language for the Freshmen reps.

Also, I am going to resign at this juncture. Hands out letter. I really need to go to the Capitol. This letter says ‘thanks’ I’ve had a great time here. I am asking you extend my absence for the rest of the semester, you can decide on cutting my pay. I will continue in my duties as Shared Gov Chair because I believe that is part of my civic duty.

*Carl: More on the importance of this, particularly for Freshmen term limits.

12-1-3 Motion carries.

17-0202-03 Student Judiciary Budget Approval

(From Student Council Agenda Explainer): “Chair Matt Manes is putting forth his approval of the Student Judiciary Internal budget. Budget is attached in Student Council agenda.”

Call for unanimous consent. No objection. Approved.


17-0202-04 Student Services Finance Committee Budget Approval

(From the Student Council Agenda Explainer): “Chair Manes is putting forth his approval of the SSFC Internal budget. Budget information is
attached in Council agenda.”

Unanimous consent. Passed.

17-0209-01 GSSF Budget Approval

(From the Student Council Agenda Explainer): “SSFC has approved budgets for all GSSF groups for the 2011-12 school year. GSSF groups are Registered Student Organizations who receive funding from segregated fees, allocated by SSFC. The budget information is attached in the agenda.”

*Manes; Lots of money, lots of groups. Pass it.

General discussion on technicalities. Call for unanimous consent. Passed.


ASM Internal Budget

*Manes: Added a few line items. Such as the line item for students to put in a dollar each year in an honoraia line item fee for a great speaker for graduation. Event grants have been reduced but the money has been moved. Also, Student Legal Services, simply to put a line IN the budget. It will be there and easier to account for it. The I-Clicker rental also, I will let Carl speak about it when we get into debate.

Big discussion on the line items 10c and 10d, “Co-sponsorship of Homecoming” and “Co-sponsorship of All Campus Party.” The numbers were not decided arbitrarily, according to Manes, but also WAA and WASB would NOT be able to able for grants for these events if ASM were to agree to this co-sponsorship.

Also, talking about ASM co-sponsorship vs. the event grants.

*Beemsterboer: [Homecoming] tailored their event grant to get the maximum amount of funding from ASM. But they have been talking to me since the beginning of the year, All Campus Party came in knowing they could only get $25,000 and they tailored their event grant accordingly. Make them both equal but it doesn’t make sense to give Homecoming $15,000 off the bat and then say they can come ask for $10,000 while All Campus Party immediately gets $25,000. Change them both to $20,000.

Motion to cut $5,000 from line item 19 for I-Clicker Rentals. ($10,000-$5,000=$5,000)

*Carl: We don’t need $10,000 for a pilot program. That is a high ceiling. Its for about 150 i-clickers. Also have to look at University System, the ones who purchase the clickers and getting a better deal. i don’t want to charge students if we don’t have to. Talking to Do-It and the libraries to come up with a system for how the rental program would work. They are all excited about this, but $5,000 is a perfectly good amount.

*Sarah: We don’t pay for calculators, computers etc on this campus. More such arguments.

*Brandon: We do fund a lot of technology on this campus; not graphing calculators. But textbooks used across a variety of classes then yes, we would offer a rental program. But that doesn’t work. But the clicker system is much more able to work. The clickers are synced with Do-It. When you buy one, you have to go through the registration process and in that specific class. This is one of the more useful initiatives we are doing. The libraries and Do-It are on board. The $5,000 is a reasonable mark for that.

Motion carries to reduce $5,000 to I-Clicker.

*Sarah: Speaking to the Commencement speaker fund; the whole reason to have $75,000 to put us on par with other Universities. Having big names come to our commencements would require around $100,000. But $1/semester /students is reasonable enough to ask students. That amount technically doesn’t even cover honoraria, travel etc. WE can’t even expect that amount to be matched. We are relying on alumni or private donors. There is no way to speculate who can match or support this.

*Manes: Uh oh…amendments on the way. He is currently changing the stipends for all leadership positions. He is reducing them.

*Brandon: Moves to change the Chief of Staff to stipend.

*Carl: I don’t think the Chief of Staff should be paid as much as the open committee chairs. Especially if stipend-ed.

*Savoy: Why does CoS make as much as the chairs?

*Johnson: By moving it to the stipend, we essentially pay them less. On an hourly position, he could log more hours and get as much as ASM leadership.

*savoy: What does the CoS do?

*Brandon: Couple things: This discussion has come up before. The CoS position is a useful position, for organizing, coordinating meetings. This second semester, the CoS has taken on other positions. That puts a strain on me when the CoS is no longer around. Tom went on a leadership conference..and while he was gone, I logged about 46 hours. It was a really really stressful week. I feel bad for Tyler who went through his entire term with no CoS. I can speak first hand how drastic it is to having a fully functional CoS as opposed to not having.

*Hanley: I have to agree with Fergus. i don’t think it should be on par with the open committee chairs. I’m glad to hear the position is doing his job and being useful but…other chairs put in as many hours a week and they have paid staff at their disposal. I’d love for all the chairs to have CoS to help, but that’s not practical. Look around you, we’re dealing with massive budget cuts around the state. Next week, we don’t know how we’re going to get hit or how we get hurt. This year its going to be a thousand times more than before.

Question being called. Motion carried to $5,080.46 for the Chief of Staff (previously $5,130).

*Carl: Motions to decrease CoS further.

*Brandon: You essentially just budgeted him to work 20hrs/week for about $4. I can not support that. He was put at the equivalent of the open committee chairs because there was some talk that he should be OVERSEEING those chairs. You essentially cut it to half of what it is now. This position is important and incredibly useful for this organization.

*Manes: I can’t support this motion. $5,080 is sufficient for this position.

*Beemsterboer: Has it been moved permanently to a stipend position? Yes. I think the $5,080 is sufficient. Call to question.


*Brandon: I think we’ve spoken enough. It’s in the bylaws, it needs to be done.

No opposition. It passes. Stipends cut.

Motion to strike line 21 ‘Government Relations” from $60,000 down to $50.000.

*Brandon: we’ve been talking a lot about this and this position has turned into a hybrid. Also, there are equity issues. I haven’t changed the fringe but that can provide us with some leeway.


*Carl: Just want to say 300 clickers will save students $25,000 in the first year alone. That being said, I move to zero fund line item 14, Creative Works fund. I think it is a REALLY bad idea. Erik Paulson stated for the record that students didn’t ask for this and its been a year, passed multiple times and without any framework. We’re trying to save students money, the entire national is trying to be fiscally responsible. For something that’s doesn’t even have bylaws…students didn’t ask for this, we wont’ be able to do it this year, probably not next year. Let’s just get rid of it.

*Hanley: I love the idea of the Creative Works fund in theory. I don’t love throwing money at it. Maybe there is a detailed plan for implementation that I am not aware of…but I spoke against this when it first came out. Not because I hate this, but because its not realistic. Lets not throw more money into this budget where its not necessarily needed. This isn’t something students said they need. Don’t throw money  where we don’t have a plan for.

*Junger: This idea was ‘OK’ and only ‘OK when it was first proposed. We’ve already charged students to do this…and every penny was just wasted to go into our reserve account for just nothing.

Call to question. Division. 9-4. Creative Works fund ZERO FUNDED.

*Brandon: There’s a lot of things in here that I wish we could cut…but then I look at the benefit that of this provides to the campus. People look at the Internal Budget and say ‘what the hell is the student government spending money on?” but it generally goes back to them. There are a lot of things in here..but at this point in time I think everything in here is right where it needs to be. We added one huge thing in with another staff position…and the creative commencement fund. And the co-sponsorships. Overall, I think students should be pleased with the budget we’re about to pass.

*Brigham-Shumhl: I am opposed to the money put aside for the commencement speaker but I don’t think its necessarily a good thing to do with $75 grand. I think we could do better things.

*Beemsterboer: I move to zero fund the commencement speaker line item. Altogether this is something that gets a lot of thought. People bring in Oprah, Clinton. The reality is $75,000 would go a long way to get a good commencement speaker but…its not enough. Some speakers command $300,000. CLinton’s most recent estimate is $175,000 in 2009….pretty sure that’s gone up.

The message that is sent by a UW alum coming here for free to speak is more powerful than someone who costs so much more. The WI Idea is better bringing in from what we have. Not because someone is more rich, more famous, tries harder…the people that graduate from this institution don’t graduate with a ‘holier than thou’ mentality. They come back with ideals and are willing to come back and preach that and come back to get students to follow in their footsteps. These are the kinds of people we can get without having that money added to the budget. This is $2 we don’t need to be charging to students.

*Hanley: This is another issue I’m really interested in. Im VC of the Senior class. I have been through the trials and tribulations of getting a speaker. I’d like to go to a commencement speaker that is famous…you can say its only $2. $2 less is $2 less. It adds up over your 4, 8, 15 years at this University. But we do have inspiring speakers come to this campus. This isn’t necessary. I’ve been really pushing this time on the budget how much we’re pushing unnecessary spending though originally when this idea came up, I liked the idea..

*Manes: This is an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life! Will you remember an alum or being able to shake Clinton’s hand when you walk across that stage? This is about leveraging. This is something bigger than that. This is one of the few times we can contribute directly to the student body. 95% of the time students don’t care what we do. This we can significantly contribute. There are very few things we can contribute to touch so many people to this degree. This is our legacy! Really improve our experience here. It might be only $1 but it really gives an experience for it. We should give it one year to try. Call to question.

Motion fails.

*Manes: Right now the budget is $,1,244,091.75 That is an increase frm last year of 11.26% if you remove the commencement speaker fund, government relation specialist and the I-clicker fund, the budget decreases by .37%. Once those are accounted for, this is an incredibly responsible budget. I support this budget.

Motion fails.

*Sarah: The commencement fund: Seg fees are used to give services or supplies necessary resources on this campus. And that’s what this fund would do. It s a responsible use. Anyone who says this isn’t responsible is wrong. This gives students back what they are putting in.

More general discussion. Nothing specific. Call to question. Quorum is 13. There are 14 people here…close call. Out of random curiosity, how many seats are on Council? Oh right. 33. Huh…and several have quit in the past few weeks.


On to a roll call vote for the budget. Final amount 1,244,091.75 increase of 11.26%.

Drum roll PLEASE!

Might I mention, its not even 11PM yet…I am pleasantly surprised. 😀

11-3-0. INTERNAL BUDGET passes.


Approval of SACGB Budget.

Call for unanimous consent: $410,688.04


Motion to adjourn at 10:56PM.

Well ladies and gents! Hope you are having a smashing good week, you are engaging in the democratic processes of our times and have thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s Liveblog. The endorsement has been made, budget’s are passed and the sleeping bags are unrolled at the Capitol.

Cheers until next time. On Wisconsin!

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