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ASM’s University Affairs Chair

February 19, 2011

Senior Carl Fergus has been a member of ASM over the past four years, serving as an active member of the Student Service Finance Committee and holding office as chair for a semester. Fergus is a senior, majoring in molecular biology and history. While he approaches his final days at UW- Madison with anticipation, his commitment to ASM remains firm.  Outside of his work with SSFC, Fergus has taken on a new role this year as the newly elected chair of University Affairs. While many of you may not be familiar with this committee, there is no doubt that University Affairs has played an integral part in your university experience. From the textbook swaps, to university housing, and food accounts, the University Affairs committee has worked with the university to ensure that students are well taken care of. This semester is no different. The University Affairs Committee under the direction of Carl Fergus hopes to implement a new policy at UW Madison that will standardize excused absences. Under these new rules, students will be given a specified set of criteria under which an excused absence can be granted. Fergus is also working with local vendors to make the WisCard accessible at local restaurants around campus.  By cutting down credit card usage, he argues, we can cut down on overdrafts for students, save them money, and create useful partnerships with local businesses.

Fergus and his team are also currently in preparations for their “Tax and FAFSA” week, a program where students can come in and get help filing their taxes and FAFSA forms for free. Fergus and his committee are working hard this semester to create programs and policy, which will benefit the University at large and make it a better place to learn and live so get involved!

Remember if you still need to pick up your textbooks, stop by the ASM office at 333 East Campus Mall on the 4th floor. If you are interested in getting help with your taxes and FAFSA forms, the program begins February 28th and runs until March 4th. For more information on the University Affairs Committee or how to get involved in ASM, stop by the office on Tuesdays at 6pm, when meetings are held!

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