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SC Live Blog: Appointment City

February 23, 2011

Download tonight’s agenda here.

6:40 p.m. Meeting called to order.

Open Forum

Dan Posca: I want to endorse Ellen Leedle for the Letters and Science seat. When she speaks, she usually floors everyone.

Matt Manes: I’m giving my SSFC report here because I’m going home. We’ve approved all the budgets but we have to finish WSUM and the Rape Crisis Center.

Carl Fergus: We received an email from Erik Paulson about the removal of two-year term limits for Student Council members. I would entertain a motion to change the wording on “freshman reps” to match our constitution.

  • Tyler Junger: I’m working on that now.

Rashi (from WISPIRG): She updated Council on what WISPIRG has been doing.

6:45 p.m.


Nominations Board Chair Nichols: These weren’t very contentious and I urge Student Council to approve these appointments

Two new Student Council Representatives (Mudit Kackar for Engineering and Ellen Leedle Letters and Science) were approved by unanimous consent and sworn in.

Chair Reports:

Roberts, Diversity: We are looking at running a film series on diversity.

Beemsterboer, Finance: Next week we will be discussing how events and travel grants are treated. If you’re interested in that, come to our meetings and give us your thoughts.

Nichols, Nominations Board: For the ASM Foundation, we appointed Samantha Marks, Brandon Williams and Marcus Ly. We appointed Dan Posca to Rules Committee. We appointed Peter Lorenz and Laura Checovich to SSFC. We appointed Nikole Mcmyler and David Brostowitz to Finance Committee.

Ziebell, SAC Governing Board: We approved the art policy to put artwork in the fourth floor gallery, but we won’t start using it until we get cameras up which could happen in the next month or two.

Fergus, University Affairs: We started talking about a system-wide excused absence program that protects students.

Williams: I’ve been working on Budget Repair Bill and Badger Partnership issues. I’ve also been looking into legal services– It turns out we’re only one of two Big Ten school student governments that don’t offer any legal services for its students.

7:10 p.m.

Removal of Two Year Student Council Term Limit

Council amended the resolution to read, “Term served as new student representatives shall not count toward term limits. Separate term limits shall be counted for special students or students in graduate or professional careers.”

Junger: We’re setting up two big buckets for term limits– undergraduates and graduates– so that undergraduate terms do not affect graduate term limits.

Johnson: I’ve seen many good people leave ASM prematurely because they simply couldn’t serve any longer.

The resolution passed.

The All-Campus Party grant was approved.

7:30 p.m. Adjourned.

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