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Diversify…Get Involved!!

February 24, 2011

The Diversity Committee met for the first time this past Monday to discuss up and coming events for the semester with old and newly interested committee members. Since it’s founding, the ASM Diversity Committee has been committed to working on issues of racial, sexual, and socio-economical diversity across the Wisconsin-Madison campus, and this semester is no different. Under the leadership of Tangela Roberts, the newly elected chair for the Diversity Committee, the group hopes to revive ASM’s annual Shadow Day. This program is designed to allow local Madison students the opportunity to shadow current Badgers for the day. They will sit in lectures, attend organization meetings and get a real feel for campus life that a simple campus tour would not provide. Currently the committee is looking for volunteers and a date for this event. They also discussed the possibility of campus dialogues to promote diversity issues on campus. This would not only advance campus awareness of the diverse groups on campus, but also provide students a platform for civil discourse and the opportunity for healthy discussion of important issues of campus climate that affect us all. As a committee, they recently attended the viewing of “The Message” a documentary that was created by a graduate student on campus, which discussed issues of diversity. At this event they passed out flyers and talked to students about the committee and diversity issues, which were brought up in the film. Their kick-off meeting is set for Monday March 7 from 6-9, where they will be showing a movie pertaining to various types of diversity and holding an open discussion about the film following it showing, so come out! While the Diversity committee is up and running, they are in the beginning stages of creating new ideas and programs for the campus, and are very much open to suggestions. Whether you have ideas, critiques, or just want to get involved with an amazing organization, they want you! So feel free to stop by the ASM office any Monday from 6-7 for the Diversity Committee meetings, or make it to the kick-off and bring your opinions and suggestions. Hope to see you there!

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