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LIVE BLOG: Student Council Meeting

March 9, 2011

Roll Call by Cody Ostenson taken


6:36 PM

Diversity Chair Roberts congratulated on *amazing* turn out for committee kick off

MCSC representative Nneka comes before the board to discuss possibility of being elected next semester. She is campaigning for campus diversity, socio-economic inclusion ect.

Sarah Niebart: how will you include special students within our school system?

Nneka: get faculty and staff involved in equality and inclusivity

Cody Ostenson: It is irresponsible for Matt Manes to be adding things to the agenda so late. He had not received an email during the specified deadline time to add things to the agenda. It will therefore not be added.

Carl Ferguson: The state is currently voting on collective bargaining. Will move to adjourn meeting to go to the capital after open forum


6:43 PM

Sarah Niebart: important to inform the student body about the new campus badger partnership. we will be hosting a series of events to inform the student body and are currently looking for impartial voices. The date of the first event is March 25th which is right before elections, but ASM is not taking a stance on this initiative so there will be no conflict of interest. One of these events will be done at Lake Shore, Grainger, and hopefully the Union. Niebart will also be reaching out to other students on other campuses to make sure that they are informed as well.

Matt Manes: In response to Ostenson…did not get notification about cancellation of SACGB event

WISPERG rep Rashi M: campaign for reducing global warming which will occur during spring break where students will tour around the state and talk to elementary students about informing them about global warming.

  • Manes: did you use seg fee to supply any of the products for these products?
  • Rashi: no all supplies were donated

Fergus: moves to adopt a new agenda


6:50 PM

Roberts: Diversity kick-off

Johnson: we could still get done with this meeting really fast and go to the capitol –> motion to table items 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (cut the chair reports ect. just focus on “old business”.)

Niebart: I believe 9A should be addressed (Chair VandenLangenberg leave of absence)…we’ve been waiting for this, and we should handle it now

Motion Passes

VandenLangenberg Leave of Absence

Matt Beemsterboer: sees no reason to cut his pay

Fergus: also agrees. does not need to be docked in pay; hes writing his dissertation

Manes: *really mad* we made a big deal out of Andrea Nichols absence. you  need to dock his pay 20%

Hanley: realizes Kyle is working on his dissertation, curious if he will be sending reports for this body. its been standard practice to dock stipends. he wouldn’t mind,  probably agree with it…he would think it’s right

6:58 PM

Johnson: 20% is more than fair.

Niebart: motions for 20%

Fergus: moves to approve

Student Judiciary Precedent

Kate Fifield: once a case is decided they have that precedent. so in coming years past precedents can be used to decide new cases, unless the group can distinguish themselves from the old precedent

Fergus: happy that this policy is being brought up…thinks it should be passed

finished debate and approved by unanimous vote


Class Attendance Policy

Fergus: motions to add to line 9 after bereavement “a reasonable amount of time for maternity/paternity leave”; passed by University Affairs committee

no objections to motion. approved

Class Attendance Policy approved.

Beemsterboer: motion to add 1,000 to honorary fees -> getting groups that are interested in participating in event, but are not committed, this money would help people reach out and get more people to make commitments to event

  • Fergus: would disagree but because the grant is being cut; he agrees

Motion Passes

Beemsterboer: moves to strike 2,000 from travel

Motion Passes

Beemsterboer: motion to add 127 to advertising

Motion Passes

Beemsterboer: strike 6,848 from space and equipment rental

  • Fergus: moves to amend the amendment to include any space rental on campus
  • Hanley: before we decide, a little concerned on the date on the event and being able to find space

Motion Passes

Music Festival approved



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