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ASM Student Council Live Blog

March 30, 2011

I. Roll call: Taken by Secretary Cody Ostenson (6:37PM)

II. Announcements:


III. Removal or impeachment of Representatives, filling of vacancies in the Student Council and swearing in of new Representatives: NONE

IV. Open Forum:

1. Albert Luciani on behalf of Clair Koffeman…working with the American Foundation for suicide prevention and working with UW-Madison. Expecting a really big turn out…story in WI State Journal tomorrow. The walk is two Saturdays from tomorrow. Lori Berquam used this group to save a students life about a month ago! Would like to make this walk an annual event. Currently not a student org, however they are coupled with the UW Psychology club and hope to become a registered org by this summer. Event is at Library Mall Saturday April 9, starting at 11am? Currently there are 60 volunteers and are currently selling shirts for sale in Dean Berquam’s office. If you do not want to walk, there will also be live music ect. around Library Mall


Rep. Hanley: Thank you for coming…just so you are aware there is a facebook page

Rep. Beemsterboer: Will Library Mall be finished and cleaned by then? – No, but there will be an area cleared for people to come through

2. Nneka, running for ASM special student and had to talk to alot of people to encourage them to vote for her and in talking to people their concerns were voiced. One of the concerns was the ad in the badger herald…wants to make the council aware that the finance chair was breaking bylaws

3. Sam Seering, speaking on Open Governments Act legislation …decided to relook at posting procedures for agendas. decided to copy and past state statues for the meeting laws. designate that agendas must be sent out to business newspapers *sigh* alot of legislative jargon…


Rep. Neibart: what is the rules committee working on next- Campus Service Fund, will be working on all aspects of it and have a 2 week process

4. Raashi WISPERG president, still working to fund raise..hunger clean up is at $4,000. Big Red Go Green went well and they are still actively working on new projects

5. Rep. Manes, ask that all rep. go around and say whether they have collaborated with WISPERG

– Rep. Leedle – why do you feel like you should be entitled to such information

– Rep. Manes – reads bylaws which state need for disclosure of such information

– Chair Williams- until we look at legislation from WISPERG there is not need to go around and disclose such information (6:56PM)

Rep. Niebart – what legislation do you plan to bring forth before this board?

….Manes talks alot…… bylaws, rules, stipends ect…

6. Allie WISPERG rep,  like to talk about appeals legislation on the agenda for tonight. It seems like its undermining the power of SJ and putting more power with SSFC, and it should be kept in the hands of Student Judiciary.

7. Matt, asks that people will disclose who are members of the group “AFTER”. Hopes that people end the semester well and not let any of these issues divide council

8. Rep. Niebart, very disappointed at the town meeting turn out. There is another meeting soon and wants to know how many people will be involved…if the council will not agree to be involved than this event will not go through. Wants everyone to think about their roles on campus as student leaders. We all have responsibilities. Think about your roles and do not abuse them. Make a conscious effort to have a united body that is open to working together. (7:06PM)

9. Rep. Nichols, talking about the NOMS board. Up to 10 applicants which is really good news. NOMS board is really busy in the beginning of the year, there will be an article in the Herald about open positions. Info will also be on twitter and facebook. Get the word out! Send to friends and anyone who you think will be interested

10. Rep. Otles Engineering Expo 2011..biggest outreach event for College of Engineering. April 14-16 come by and see what the engineers are working on!


VI. Reading and Approval of the Minutes: APPROVED (7:12PM)

VII. Reports of Special Committees and Campaigns:

VIII. Reports of Standing Committees and Boards:
a. Diversity Committee –

b. Finance Committee – heard over 91 grants…

c. Legislative Affairs Committee – worked on SB 6…assembly will release there version of SB 6. Trying to plan an event for later in the month to discuss with property managers and students where they will get together and talk about ideas and criticisms ect…

d. Nominations Board –

e. Shared Governance Committee – last week had a great meeting, held discussions on New Badger Partnership, great opportunity and discussion. Encourage council to attend. Applications are now open for seat in Shared Gov. due by a week from tom.

f. Student Activity Center Governing Board – working on by law changes and internal workings for next year. will be working on the appeals process and how they can work through problems that are presented without having to go through SJ

g. University Affairs Committee – we have 17 boxes of ASM bags which will be used in the book swap and as general advertising tools, also partnering with WISPERG for Earth Day…still working on class attendance policy

IX. Reports (7:22PM)
a. Chair – having coordinating council prepare transitioning papers to make transition easier then it was last year

b. Vice-Chair – busy next three week…if anyone is interested in UW Baraboo council meeting, please let people know..would like the information before the DC trip..Let us know by Saturday. New Badger Partnership- meeting with Darrell Gazell? on Monday to get tuition and budget projections, will have that hard data soon

c. Student Judiciary – had 6 SACGB complaints…had 2 complaints tangentially related to elections which will be heard soon…providing justices are currently collecting availability. other than that just like every other body preparing for the end of the year and elections ect…

d. Student Services Finance Committee – writing report for the Chancellor…continuing to evaluate how they handle real mechanism to ensure groups are complying, so looking at instituting accountability liaisons…in the process of deciding how these roles will work (7:27PM)

X. Reports of Liaisons –
XI.  Special Orders –

XII. Introduction of New Legislation
a. 17-0330-01 Removing Segregated Fees From Elections:                                                      Vice-Chair Johnson – this proposes that we simplify the language in the by-laws so there are no disparities and do not allow for loop holes in the system

**ok, I’m REALLY SORRY! Alot was said but people don’t speak loud enough and they talk very fast, so I didn’t catch some of it!!! …bare. with me.

– essentially there is debate about this legislation. It cannot be passed in Student Council must go through Student Judiciary 


b. 17-0330-02 SSFC Appeals Reform Act: Certain standards for reviewing things  coming out of SSFC and alot of the things coming out are underdeveloped and so there needs to be an internal appeal process within SSFC (7:48PM) *note…council skipped this legislation and just came back to it!


c. 17-0330-03 Student Judiciary Precedent II:  Chief Justice Fifeld – if you think precedent is bad it can be challenged

– Niebart: how can precedent be bad? – that would depend on case..if panel decides on a hearing and use result from previous case and the person argues that the result for the other case was bad, the person is able to appeal the decision

d. 17-0330-04 Student Judiciary Ex Parte Communications: Chief Justice Fifeld – only part that is changing is section B, discourages  sending emails to Judiciary’s if it contains persuasion or any type of information that could be incriminating. If the Justice deems the information inappropriate they reserve the right to pass along this information to other Justices ect.. (7:42PM)

e. 17-0330-05 Student Judiciary Briefs and Complaints: Chief Justice Fifeld- to “file a complaint” means that a party has submitted a completed complaint form to the Chief Justice and has received notice that the Chief Justice is in receipt of said form

f. 17-0330-06 SAC Front Desk Hiring Bylaw Changes: Chair Zibell – thinks its necessary to have the front desk represented by ASM. Primary reason for this is that in the structure for ASM the hiring for front desk goes through NOMS Board, so give the hiring authority to the SACGB chair and the front desk manager…also sets up a separate wage policy, similar to StudentPrint. Allows them to have a hierarchy within their structure


Niebart: why would this necessary? – last year we had to hire front desk staff and alot of people left and graduated and there was not enough time within ASM structure to hire people quickly…so if manager had authority to hire it would move alot quicker (8:04PM)

XIII. Old Business
a. 17-0330-07 Open Government Act:


Niebart – it is very important for this council to approve this legislation unanimously. transparency is important.


b. 17-0323-02 SACGB Composition Change: Chair Zibell – sent friendly amendments a while ago..highlights the changes


Niebart – why is it important for Chair to be elected internally? – not official change yet, however in discussion it was decided that because its a more specialized position it should be elected internally as a closed committee

Chair- are you still committed to changing the elected positions as well? – yes

Zibell Motions to change 6 to 7 members on board selected by NOMs board (8:12PM)


Niebart: thinks is is a good idea…


Zibell motions to strike the last clause (3.077H)…motion carries (8:17PM)

XVI. Roll call

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