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Student Council LIVE!

April 13, 2011

That’s right. You heard correctly. Dear readers, tonight for your viewing enjoyment, Nneka Akubeze has set up a LIVE feed of the meeting for tonight.

No, no we are are not questioning your integrity as a reader. We are merely making it more simple for home or office viewing.

The link:

It is being set up as I type so hopefully it’ll be on soon. Tune in tonight for some special guests, for some interesting new legislation, and to see if Council can make it through all 53 pages of the agenda tonight.

Any questions, comments or concerns, let us know!

Sit back, enlarge the screen and enjoy 😉 Leave commentary or questions below and I’ll be sure to answer.




While we wait for the LIVE feed to get set up, I’ll give a brief overview.

Darrell Bazzell–>Vice Chancellor for Administration: He is here giving a presentation in fees, budgets and tuition for UW Madison. (Printouts available in the ASM office). Talking about the assumption on tuition is a 8.5% increase. Assumptions in the ‘out’ years, is that it will drop back down to 5% increase each year.

The Council room is full! Every seat taken and the walls are lined. People standing in the back. Interesting…when we talk about a LIVE feed…more people show up. Doest that make sense to you? I’m confused. But certainly not complaining! I wonder how long everyone will stay…


LIVE FEED UP AND WORKING! Tune in (tad bit grainy) and listen to the conversations and debate. Enjoy!

I’ll be in and out of the meeting all night for some updates. Have a good one! Happy Wednesday. Fun fact: only 2 more Student Council meetings for the 17th Session.


Darrell addresses questions from the audience about UW breaking off from the UW System. He doesn’t see this as an issue. Poor argument people who are pushing the ‘Wisconsin Idea’ as why we shouldn’t do it.

–>Talking about New Badger Partnership, in concerns with UW.

Darrell is a great speaker! Hope you’re listening in to the LIVE feed! Watch in about 30 secs as I get up and walk to the door 😉 Be back soon!


Onto the agenda. Due to attendance rules, Rep Ivins and Rep Savoy are no longer Council members-impeached.

Open Forum: Mem Union member and ‘concerned student’. Concerned about the change in legislation to the Shared Governance legislation (see agenda)

Discussing differences btwn how ASM and Shared GOV are made up versus Union Committees.


Still discussing make-up of committees. Fixing lines of the specific piece of legislation.

Several other student speakers.

WISPIRG-upcoming events this month.

Sarah Niebart: New Badger Partnership Forum Town Hall TOMORROW in the Memorial Union 6-8PM. TITU. Hope to see you there!


Open Forum closed with 4 speakers left on the list, due to time constraints. Onto organizing the agenda.


Agenda approved. Call for 5 minute recess. 😀


They have talked about the new GSSF eligibility criteria and had Q&A (Rae Lymer presenting); they discuss the ‘Manes Amendments”. They are talking about the Student Print budget. I’ve been following along on the LIVE feed. Hope you are too!

I’m signing off the LiveBlog for the night. We will be working out the LIVE Feed/LiveBlog details and have a better pairing for you next week.

Look forward to April 27th, the final Student Council meeting of the 17th session, where I, as your lovely Press Office Director, will be LiveBlogging for the final time. It will be epic, filled with old jokes and peanut better M&Ms, references to our fallen, fearless leader the former Neighborhood PO Director AND! a possible preview announcement of NEXT SESSION’s NEW Press Office Director!

Stay tuned 😀 Have a good night all. Stay dry.

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