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17th Session: #Winning

April 27, 2011

Hey guys! April 27th. An important day. You should remember this day. The passing of an era. A legacy that is about to move on. Other things…that I should let you know…but I can’t recall at the moment…so ask me at a later date.

Overall, what you should take away from this motivational talk is that this is the LAST Student Council meeting for the 17th session. Its been….quite an amazing year. So much has happened! (attachments to come soon…because I”m sure you’ll want to remember these awesome things…)

I am sitting here for the last time to LiveBlog to you all….I am going to speak plainly about everything tonight. So lets start now…I wish you had left more comments! I like people! Youre supposed to make friends with me! 😦

Well, I have Romo on my left, Ken (my new friend from…UC?) on my right and many more SHOUTOUTS to come. Lets get started, shall we?

Agenda here :)

Also, Nneka is holding the LIVESTREAM here! Check it out 🙂

6:45PM Call to order

Open forum

Some quick updates about the Big Red, Go Green campaign on Friday. Attend.

The Cycling team is speaking now. They had things stolen from there cages in the Student Activity Center (seriously guys? Thats shitty. Wow. Who does that?) Discussion on the policy and proceedings. Many thinks for this group to bringing this to our attention.

  • Dan Posca: Speaking about getting 18th session and 17th session for a frisbess tournament….
  • Bulovsky: Team names???
  • Posca: This idea just came up…team victory for whoever wins.
  • Neibart: Im on both sessions. Which do I choose? Also..what attire?
  • Posca: It would be SATURDAY the 7th…the study day. Wear sweats.

Lena: Pleased with the LIVEStream. HUGE SO to Nneka for all her hard work and getting the Live Stream up for everyone to see. Yeah girl! Thank you sooo much for all your work and getting this up. I appreciate it!

  • Nneka: Shoutout to ASM Live! She is talking about 17th session reflections, critiques on how we all did. It is important, especially as it is so important. Spoke with an administrator about this session: exclusionary, white supremacy…unfortunate things…there is just a general lack of action for those who brought something to Council…general lack of Council. Unfortunate to see that words were falling upon deaf ears…she tried to stick with it…unfortunately within this room, didn’t see any follow through. Disappointed in 17th session. Disappointed in lack of action with the case of marginalized students coming forward…hit or miss.  A lot of students disappointed with the lack of action.
  • Neibart: Bringing up concerns about a certain chair who hasn’t done what he is supposed to. He should excuse himself in front of this body.
  • Fergus:Introduction to legislation: ZimRide: I’ll speak more to it later…it is a rideshare program. Just wanted to bring it up. Say what???
  • Chair Manes: Publicly apologizing for his outspokenness…has stated he will not be returning to ASM in any elected position. He goes on to cite the important aspects that 17th session has implemented…All Campus Party and Homecoming will continue on for many years. The Bus Pass will carry on. The Campus Services Fund will carry on with Legal Services to all students. Perhaps even do rape crisis services and other services that are greatly needed among the student body that aren’t being implemented.
  • (cont’d) Do not let ‘perfect’ become the enemy of good. We in ASM rarely take the time to cite all the good things. I wish you all good luck and thank you….for taking the time to make all our lives a little better.
  • We are now taking the time to sing the ‘STAR SPANGLED BANNER’ together. It is a tear-jerking moment…and so harmonious. HOME OF THE BRAVVEEEEEEEEE.
  • Templeton: Talks about the difference between committees. vs. campaigns and the work that is done. Gives advice to 18th session not to create too many new committees..ASM has gotten backlash for that.
  •  Sorry guys, missed a few speakers….had to run out and take an important call. There have been discussions on a few pieces of legislation. Melissa Hanley is speaking on people showing respect, on people listening to each other and taking others opinions into account…she also wants Chair reports to be spoken tonight; a brief recap of what has happened this year. She expects debate tonight.
  • Junger: Speaking on improving Student Government. Also, the issue on sustainability. Does not think it is within the perview of 17th session to do so for the 18th session. Reflecting on his time in ASM. Disagreements, debates, sharing this time together….the chance to grow as a person..speaks about his time at this University working for Liz Waters and then coming to be Chair of ASM last year…saying his last good byes…saying thank you for all the hard work everyone has done..improving upon the 16th session and becoming the issues of 17th session…let 18th session decide for themselves…

8:14PM 5 minute recess to figure out recording problems.

While we have this time together..I am now to do the SHOUTOUTS that I promised. Hi Colleen. Hi Rory (thanks for taking pics!). Hi Hannah. Hi Anne!. Hi Ade. Hi Ali (thanks for staying!!!) Hi Patrick…I’ll add more later I promise 🙂


Chair Williams to speak in Open Forum. He requires all members of the Council to close their computers. Not me!!! Speaks on a number of successes for the ASM 17th session. (I will attach the speech momentarily)

  • GSD motto: GET SHIT DONE!
  • National and international attention as student leadership
  • Opportunity to meet with the current President
  • Fall gubernatorial debate
  • ASM helped students become engaged in the legislative and voting process
  • Legislative affairs work-voting, housing fair etc
  • New Badger Partnership-around the clock work of certain members of ASM
  • SSFC work with transparency, new funding streams in the CSF, work with non allocables and GSSF groups
  • Finance committee-creating more legitimate and transparent funding stream
  • SACGB worked hard
  • Noms Board-flawless in getting positions appointed
  • Press Office the most improved and will continue to be a pivotal and crucial group in the future
  • Diversity committee turned itself completely around
  • University affairs completely successful in re-branding itself
  • Shared Governance….amazing.
  • Passed ASM Internal budget—to help students tremendously
  • Sponsor All Campus Party and Homecoming for the future
  • Formed new Government Relations position to start on July 1st…advocate for new legislation to affect students…
  • Many more accomplishments….etc. New ASM Ice cream flavor, new twitter handle @DrunkDood….Adam hasn’t cut his hair, Manes and his beard…
  • Williams proud of his leadership and the 17th session…our legacy isnt one of flashy gimmicks….one of substance and merit…firmly believe ASM is a better place because of long hours and commitment…17th session by accomplishment and attitude of success.

8:34PM So….we’re still open forum…Williams speaking on advice to 18th session, his work etc..

  • Johnson: And the chairs congratulate each other…


  • Adoption of agenda…Johnson ZimRide a great idea. This is something that has been an issue and should be brought up..lets bring this up, talk about it, take a vote..he might be talking about NBP as well….oh hey! He is. Cool.
  • Discussion on keeping ‘New Legislation’ on the agenda…no decision at the moment.
  • Johnson: Motion to consent to A,C,F,G to unanimous consent. PASSES
  • Fergus: Motion to table items 8 and 9…seconded. To end of agenda? 9-5…PASSES
  • Moving CSF to first item…CARRIES.


Campus Services Fund

  • Manes: Talk about it. If it is a sound proposal, take it up! We had an entire year to talk about it. Is it a good policy or a bad one?
  • Close Q&A
  • Fergus: We have spoken a lot about this. Unless you have significant amendments…this is good sound legislation and a way for ASM and student body to support student services on campus…campaign promise for students who ran all over campus…gives opportunity for students to bring forth proposals and ASM is forced to listen..increases democracy. Students hold ASM directly accountable for their wants and needs. If no major changes to this legislation…lets vote.
  • Roll Call Vote 15-4-1 PASSES

8:55PM Sustainability Liaison.

  • Fergus: We have been working on so many things…with 7 people…I have been so proud of my committee members, but we simple have not been able to address Sustainability in the way we want to. I want ASM to be a leader in sustainability. ….doesnt belong in UA or Legislative Affairs…not just city or state issue…its a University issue. Needs its own committee, encompasses more than just a ‘pet issue’…if you think ASM should be working with sustainability in some measure…support this.
  • <9:10> still discussing the same thing. That University Affairs can’t handle this…that it needs its own committee. Boom. Done. Whats next?
  • <9:20> still discussing same thing. Same arguments: dont impose this on 18th session vs. setting it up for 18th session. …and this is the legislation that never ends…it just goes on and on my friend! Some people…..arent paying attention. Bahah.
  • Sustainability just died. Slowly. Not too painfully….<foreshadowing> I feel like it will be back someday…


Onto Eligibility Bylaw Changes

  • Cale asks that we don’t kill this baby…I find this in poor taste.
  • Discussion on changes and amendments to the bylaw changes. Some general confusion…including me. Call to question. No one is quite sure….calling to question on everything except…something with letters and numbers. No objection.
  • Discussion. Lots of it.
  • Roll call vote. 3-8-6 FAILS.


  • Fergus: ZimRide- ride share program. Intern thought about it…there are ride share boards in some of the dorms, in the Union…but not utilized, particularly because there are no cars. ..asking for money from Town Hall mtgs, not going to be used, from Intern Orientation, from Housing and Tenant Support services…(pulling from line items that haven’t been utilized in full)
  • Talking about security issues, how they chose ZimRide, etc.
  • Williams: Implementation?
  • Fergus: Just need to sign the documentation.
  • Williams: sounds like 15th session and attempting to create the Tenant Rating Website.
  • Fergus: Not at all!
  • More discussion services, intra-campus ride share program, how the research came about…why its a good idea…there are ride share boards…this would be able to restrict access to just this program…talking about accountability procedures…students would sign a waiver to use this. No ramifications to ASM. Aggregate total: $36,000.
  • Is this in the budget we haven’t used? Yes. 17th session year.
  • –Point of info: money not used rolls over into Reserve Account
  • Junger:We can fully fund this for 3 years…have the funds.
  • Hanley: Lets use this….do something…give ourselves one last victory…as its been stated, this money was supposed to be used in a different place, wasn’t used. This is a good service…lets do it.
  • —>Original motion-$36,000 proposal
  • Williams: under any other circumstances, this would require a subcommittee, a research proposal etc. I haven’t really seen this fleshed out. $1,000 a month is a lot..the part that scares me the most is locking it up for 3 years.  A midnight signing of the 17th session…irresponsible. 18th session should spend the time to look into it.
  • Neibart: Are there any other ways to implement this? Must it be 3 years?
  • Fergus;  We might be able to have some negotiation power.
  • Junger:Hasn’t fully been fleshed out…lets limit debate. We have other things to do…


More discussion on how well University Affairs has done this semester. But, is it ready? Should there be a sunset clause? Many hesitant to approve that much money….could it be done more efficiently with a different company/a different way for less?

Voting on entire legislation-with amendments and sunset clause. For $36,000. VOTE of 14-3-0. PASSES


Motion to adjourn that fails 6-8.

Onto ASM Stance on NBP.

  • Johnson: Rationale was that there are a lot of opinions on Student Council-everyone’s been talking about it. Took action in December to learn more about it. Working with important bodies on campus-shared governance bodies…and been in on this for the entire semester. If Council members don’t have a good sense of how they would vote on this…then they aren’t doing there job. Many people have asked why ASM hasn’t taken a stance on this. Want Council to shape the argument and have insightful debate…I hope we act on this tonight. We owe it to our constituents who are and aren’t involved. Students want to hear what we have to think…we owe it to our constituents.
  • Discussion on constituents and if there really is a call to have this debate, make this stance.
  • Fergus: I have purposefully been silent about my position. I have chosen to remain silent because I am graduating and leaving and I won’t be a student here any longer so this wont affect me. But I am speaking now. I do not support this. This is not the institution I grew up knowing and not what I would have come to if I knew what it was then…this is not privatization. I am calling bullshit. It is making it more like an Ivy League school..more pretentious, more expensive…this is not the Wisconsin I grew up in.. we are more humble, more….we can build an incredible world class university on a low tuition model! As a working class student with some scholarships and 3 jobs, I could afford that. Under what the Chancellor wants to do, I could not afford that. I simply cant. I have a friend who is leaving for Illinois because she can’t afford it. Another student had to get another job. This is a world class Univeristy and we’ve gotten there but what we do well-our alumni, our students, our faculty, our taxpayers…its gotten to the point where its not the same university. It should be open and able for students who are intellectually capable of being here…not whether or not they can afford it.
  • Williams: I have a lengthy, written out motion. —stands at the front of the room. Rights for students, unions, university employees, faculty, staff…that higher education be affordbale and accessible to the families of WI. Provide need based financial aid. Ensure fairness and equity. We all agreed that proposals coming be verified by appropriate committees (lists them) Brandon goes into a personal stories…his parents haven’t been to college…he is a first generation student, in effect. He feels the effects, laughs and cries along with students–thinks proposal isnt perfect but there are many points that allow for…mitigation. –>I think this model is the only way our institution will succeed in the future.
  • Johnson: Similar story. Lets not blame this for everything that’s wrong in education. Being opposed to this legislation means that everything that has gone on in the past 10 years, will continue to go on. Are we going to have to cut programs, faculty etc? This is a sucky situation for the entire state. I am not ready to sacrifice ‘good’ for ‘perfect’. I think our university would get along well with that…lets shoot for perfect, but not take ‘good’ off the table… this is good, guys. I think there are legitimate concerns and I think we’ve addressed them. I think we should support this…while pushing for changes. Visit legislators. Join the groups and rallies…we each have our own individual legislators…this is something we can do. We can’t jut write this off…let’s take this and make it better. Let’s get guarantees …I think William’s proposal is good.

Question and Answer:

  • Shared Governance-that it remains the same…does that make it become stronger? Williams says yes. Establish ourselves as well reasoned individuals. Esp when it comes to faculty-senate
  • Nothing new established by the public authority model-regrets how situation was handled…ultimate outcome at some point have to overcome the fact that this is going to make the University better.
  • Do you think that its cowardly for this body to approve this….and then leave it for 18th session to deal with? the legislation is very specific…passing this through in the last meeting for next session to carry this on and follow through…when you don’t know if 18th session agrees with it?
  • No! It falls only under 17th session. Legitimacy in the above question, this establishes that at the very least there will be student disagreement with the proposal…

11:24PM Debating Chair William’s amendment in support of the NBP.

  • Cale: based on principle, I don’t support this. I am going significantly into debt from going here. I am in state, getting scholarships. working 2-3 jobs. I want everyone to look at themselves and ask if thats what education is supposed to look like…I thnk that budget cuts, constant series of budget cut…I don’t support taking a stance for students. I would push for things that directly involve students…anytime we are looking at outside legislation, I am reluctant to take a stance on the disinterested student body without sounding them out…only way I would vote yes would be if it included a referendum for student input…
  • Neibart: I am an out of state student…I pay more but significantly less than some other students…this is the best situation the University can ask for. With cuts, many programs will either be strongly lessened or totally cut. Quality of education will decrease…my parents want me to go to a different school…however, I have never felt so empowered to be a student than through her…but I also need whats best for my eduction…the NBP is the best situation for this campus…we will be protecting Shared Gov, allowing students who can’t afford it, the means to afford it, won’t be discrediting minorities.
  • Williams:friendly amendment, that we support the model so long as it supports a reasonable tuition model…that would say what we advocated for but in the terms of this model…more discussion…missed a bit…


  • Hanley: I could add my personal story, we represent a lot but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. My biggest concern is not privatization…its that we don’t know down the road 6-8 years down the road what will happen in the biennial budget…going to have to have a tuition hike in the future to cover costs…can’t sit here and speculate. I would want a model to pass…and wouldnt cut the budget..
  • if anyone in this moment leaves the room, there will not be a vote. Cale packs his things and leaves. No quorum.
  • Roll call for quorum-the number is 12 because there are 23 members.
  • Quorum is HERE at 13 members.

Roll call on the stance to support with A-shared governance clause B-students on board of trustees….missed the specifics. Goes to ‘F’. Specifics to follow.

12-0-1 motion carries. onto main motion


Neibart speaks on the information sessions. On how ASM hasn’t previously taken a stance.

Roll call vote. 12-0-1. Motion carries.

Back into open debate. Williams given back the chairship.

Reports of Chairs-the Chairs are giving their reports of their successes and recent accomplishments. I really don’t feel like reiterating. You can read their chair reports.

While they are going around and summarizing…I just want to make a few announcements:

-ASM Appreciation Dinner will be held THIS FRIDAY April 27th in the Caucus Rm, 4th floor of the SAC. Come and congratulate the 17th session and say good bye to those who are graduating and leaving. 5:30-7:30PM. Hope to see you there!

-SAC Finals Final Bash Friday May 6th 5-Midnight 3rd and 4th floors of the SAC. Food, fun and more! Details are in your inbox, check it out.

Also, I hereby give my wholehearted support and recommendation to Ade Afolayan as the 18th session Press Office Director. I will be speaking in Open Forum on Sunday for the first 18th session Student Council meeting in her support and meeting with the future Noms Board Chair to give my further recommendations.

More wrap ups. Talking about being friends, being family, wearing ties…#Winning.

Its been a long night, not quite what I expected. Definitely bittersweet to be leaving, but hopefully I’ll go the way of the legendary Ken Harris…whose name lives on in Press Office infamy. The Press Office made some huge changes, had amazing amounts of success and I hope they continue on with the full support of ASM to do their thing. I believe I have left them with the tools to succeed in the future and I hope no one hinders that.


Oh no. There are tears-Chair Katy Ziebell cries happy tears 😉 Andrea’s voice seems to be cracking…so much love. So much love.

And….Fergus seeks to bring everyone back to gloom-says the Council has disrespected him and doesn’t respect the work of his committee.

  • Chair Williams ultimately thinks the 17th session didn’t go quite the way he wanted it to. He says chairs come in with an ideology and naivete. His hope is that he did a good enough job representing everyone on this body, running meetings efficiently, handling things outside of meetings effectively behind the scenes, everyone has at least acknowledged that 17th session has accomplished a lot. He thinks his time with ASM is almost completed…it is hard to be part of a body that doesn’t fully agree on its purpose…almost needs to be unanimously elected…where all members agree entirely and philisophically on its purpose.…probably won’t happen. Had a lot of successes and perhaps failures, but the failures weren’t necessarily due to members on Council but more to circumstances…
  • Nichols-loves this organization, love ASM and its ability to control seg fees, all the things that it can enact…what, if you could pass one thing on to the next session, one thing you could get done, one piece of advice, one thing you wish you would have had…what would you pass on?
  • Williams: Services, Advocacy, and membership-engaging students on campus. Can only come though being a legitimate organization. Those 3 pillars.

Vice Chair report

  • Johnson: You should all read my report. Its been a hell of a 2 year ride-jumping into Legislative Affairs, when there was no faith in the committee and turning it completely around, very happy about that. Leaving a positive legacy for those who know what we did. Thanks to everyone…

Call for adjournment. Thanks guys 🙂 Be nice to my minions. I have trained them well and I hope they won’t let you down. Any question, comments or concerns…..don’t contact me. I’m closed from business. Cheers! 😉

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